LECSF Partners With Rescue Wipes to Battle Law Enforcement Cancer

Rescue Wipes

The nonprofit Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation (LECSF) announced today its sustaining partnership with Rescue Wipes, a provider of body wipes designed to help Police Officers remove potentially cancer-causing substances they are exposed to in the line of duty.

Cancer has become an epidemic in Law Enforcement. With the lack of personal protective equipment, officers are being exposed to mass amounts of toxic carcinogens that inevitably lead to cancer or disease. The Law Enforcement community needs to recognize the invisible danger that comes along with this occupation and understand there are products out there to help in preventing these detriments.

"Since founding Rescue Wipes in 2014, we have committed to helping prevent cancer for all first responders," said VP, Business Development Jake Sherman. "We share the Law Enforcement Cancer Support Network's commitment to help Police Officers reduce their occupational-cancer risk by using Rescue Wipes to remove soot and carcinogens from the skin and protective equipment. By expanding our support as a sustaining partner, Rescue Wipes provides assistance to LECSF's vital services for Police Officers and their families," Sherman said.

"By expanding our support as a sustaining partner, Rescue Wipes provides assistance year-round to LECSF vital services for Law Enforcement and their families," Sherman said. Rescue Wipes joined LECSF's sustaining partner program in March 2017.

The LECSF provides assistance and one-on-one mentoring to many cancer-stricken Police Officers and their families. Rescue Wipes will aid the Law Enforcement community by helping prevent cancer.


The Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation (LECSF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals in the law enforcement community going through a cancer journey. LECSF is a nationwide organization driven by volunteers and supported by private donations. The network of mentors is comprised of law enforcement cancer survivors who are committed to serve others by upholding bravery, faith, strength and courage during a cancer journey.

About Rescue Wipes

Founded in 2014, Rescue Wipes is dedicated to helping Police Officers and other first responders prevent the absorption of carcinogens and other toxins they are exposed to in the line of duty. For details, please visit rescuewipes.com.


Josef Levy | LECSF
562-577-5874 | joe@embassycs.com
Jake Sherman | Rescue Wipes
818-925-5033 | jake@rescuewipes.com

Source: Rescue Wipes


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