Envoy America Taps Healthcare Executive Josh Berg to Join Its Leadership Team

Josh Berg

Envoy America, a comprehensive program that offers transportation plus assistance and companionship services for seniors, the infirm and the disabled, announced that Josh Berg has joined its leadership team as Director of Operations, to lead the Lifespark Go! powered by Envoy America partnership. Berg brings a breadth of experience in the healthcare, government, public service, education and senior markets building organizations, delivering second-mile service and growing market share.

In April 2020, Envoy America and Lifespark entered into a partnership agreement to provide an innovative co-branded transportation service called 'Lifespark GO!! Powered by Envoy America,' to seniors as part of Lifespark's seven element partner offerings.

"The addition of a Director of Operations for our Minnesota market to lead the 'Lifespark Go! powered by Envoy America' partnership at this stage in our company's journey is indicative of how fast we have grown, and I am energized by the opportunities that lie ahead for us to innovate, forge partnerships with our Companion Drivers and make inroads into the Minnesota market," said K. C. Kanaan, Envoy America CEO. "Berg has the leadership skills, functional expertise, and proven experience with high-growth companies, as well as a shared passion for applying innovative thinking to the challenges facing our aging population and the infirm. Envoy America Companion Drivers and clients will benefit greatly from his expertise and willingness to think differently about service and transportation as one of the top concerns for aging Americans especially during these uncertain times." 

Instead of the standard pick up and drop off service of other transportation companies, Envoy America offers a door-to-door service where Companion Drivers not only drive, but also provide companionship and assistance at all points along the journey from pushing a grocery cart, to running errands and taking clients to and from appointments. Companion Drivers remain with clients until they are back home. All Companion Drivers undergo specialized training to understand the geriatric needs of their clients.

"Lifespark GO! launched right before the pandemic and proved invaluable for clients who needed to get to life-sustaining treatments safely when family and friends weren't able to help. I am excited to further grow Lifespark Go! within our Lifespark Senior Living communities and our partner networks to address a critical need seniors face with transportation gaps. As a Minneapolis native, and a professional who has been working in the healthcare/senior markets for a long time, I was able to see firsthand the travel challenges and limitations senior citizens experience as they age. There is a tremendous need for maintaining independence and Lifespark Go! is able to satisfy transportation needs by way of our compassionate and trained Companion Drivers who see serving seniors as a calling rather than just a job," said Berg.

Berg will lead all aspects of operations, growth and strategy within the Minnesota market, leveraging his continued work within Lifespark's partner management team, his active participation across industry associations such as LeadingAge Minnesota, Care Providers of Minnesota, and The Medical Alley, etc., and the relationships he and the Lifespark team have forged over the years. He will help build and reinforce the Minnesota team through the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding of Companion Drivers and other support/lead positions, establish and implement Envoy America's best practices, and establish new partnerships across the continuum of senior service providers in the Minnesota market.

About Envoy America:

Envoy America was founded in July 2015 to help seniors, the infirm and disabled stay independent, healthy and socially active - all without getting behind the wheel of a car. Envoy America offers door-to-door service where the Companion Drivers not only drive, but also provide assistance and companionship services at all points along the journey, from pushing a grocery cart, to running errands, to escorting clients to and from medical appointments and more. Envoy America is the proud recipient of the Dementia Society of America prestigious Dementia SMART Award. Envoy America is preferred by senior clients for its safe and friendly experience and its commitment to affecting positive change for the future of seniors.

For more information, visit www.envoyamerica.com.

About Lifespark

A pioneer in whole-person senior services, Lifespark, formerly Lifesprk, empowers people to age magnificently by building a whole-person pathway to live their best lives. To bring this model where it is most effective, Lifespark tightly integrates with home- and community-based partners, building the architecture for universal access to wellness through value-based population health opportunities and driving the new standard for how seniors age in this country. Lifespark shares risk in exchange for the freedom to offer its premier service Lifespark Complete instead of the traditional fee-for-service offerings.

Lifespark's eco-system is supported through its heavy investment in state-of-the-art technology to create the proprietary operating system that connects, predicts, and tracks the medical, and well-being outcomes of seniors. This senior- and community-based system looks beyond the medical data that exists to address and measure social determinants of health, the true drivers behind engaging people and identifying crises before they occur. Lifespark's sophisticated technology is holistic at its core, incorporating first-, second-, and third-party data using predictive analytics and machine learning to provide recommendations that improve people's experience. Visit: www.lifespark.com


Source: Envoy America

About National Mobility Eldercare Inc

Envoy America is a women-led operation and minority-owned enterprise that was founded in 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Envoy America and its team of Companion Drivers offer older adults and families companionship, assistance and transportation services to help them stay socially active, healthy and independent.
Across the U.S., health plans, accountable care and healthcare organizations, senior living communities, faith-based organizations and families look to Envoy to provide care to their members and residents, similar to what a son or daughter would do to support their elderly mom, dad or loved one. The company tailors its service to the goals of each member and resident, providing companionship, assistance and transportation services to activities the members and residents choose. This includes medical appointments, grocery shopping, religious services, sporting events, theater, cultural events, family get-togethers, walking their pet and help with technology — whatever they desire.

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