Environmentally Friendly Earth Ramen Bowl Set by Ozeri Corporation

A leading supplier of digital lifestyle products to resorts, hotels and time-share condominiums around the world, Ozeri Corporation stands out as a growing force in the home goods market. Along with its comprehensive line of stylish digital products, Ozeri Corporation designs and manufactures a range of environmentally friendly kitchen supplies.

In 2018, Ozeri introduced a new set of ramen bowls that combines the company’s tradition of stylish sophistication with its commitment to the environment. The Earth Ramen Bowl 6-Piece Set is made entirely from a naturally grown plant material, completely free from plastics, BPA and other harmful chemicals typically used in kitchenware.

Says William Huckestein, president of Ozeri Corporation, “With the addition of the Earth Ramen Bowl Set to our lines of tableware, Ozeri humbly contributes to reducing landfill waste by introducing a natural alternative to plastics that biodegrades.”

These durable ramen bowls have an earthy appearance, while the plant-based design makes them lightweight, exposable to temperatures up to 248 F°/120 C°, and perfectly safe to refrigerate, freeze and wash. Their environmentally friendly components biodegrade, which means that within three years of disposal, the bowls will decompose into organic, nonharmful elements. The Earth Ramen Bowl 6-Piece Set is FDA approved. Each set comes with a pair of two-tone bowls with a 33.5-oz. capacity, a pair of 5.5-inch spoons and two sets of 8.6-inch chopsticks.

About Ozeri Corporation - Ozeri Corporation began as a supplier of housewares to the vacation market and has since expanded into the consumer market. While the company now focuses on the design and manufacture of digital lifestyle products for the modern home, its products can be found in vacation residencies across the globe. To browse Ozeri’s many lines of kitchen and tableware, visit www.ozeri.com.

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Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. Ozeri began as a boutique supplier of novel houseware products for the destination resort and hospitality markets.