"Environmental Primary Industrial Containment System-EPICS": Ends Leaks and Spillage From Damaged Shipping Containers

Safer waterways and drains at shipping terminals and more when EPIC is in use. The Environmental Primary Industrial Containment System-EPICS is a reinforced, impermeable fabric sling or cradle designed to slip under and around a broken, ruptured, or otherwise compromised shipping container, thereby preventing spillage of the container's contents into storm drains or coastal waterways, while the container is transported to a safe, secondary location where the situation can be addressed. The design intent is to provide shipping facilities with a reliable means of meeting relevant EPA regulations regarding spillage, thus saving such facilities the cost of fines and economic loss.
The EPICS is produced in two sizes to accommodate standard 20-, 40-, and 45-foot shipping containers. It is produced in a heavily reinforced synthetic fabric like Waste Management's Bagster®. Both sizes feature straps and ratchets along the top length of the containers and two to three straps and ratchets over the width of the container. The straps and ratchets effectively belt the EPICS in place under and around the container and take up any slack. EPICS also comes in two different types with one type used with containers holding dry goods and a second type used with containers holding semi-hazardous liquid. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Environmental Primary Industrial Containment System-EPICS.
The Patent Pending Environmental Primary Industrial Containment System-EPICS was invented by Jospeh Danelo, Alex J. Ramos and Aaron J. Maes, co-inventors living in San Pedro, CA who said, “When inverted and secured over the top of a flat-rack shipping container EPICS also serves the alternate use of keeping cargo safe from the elements when at sea, during land transport or storage. Overall, it works perfectly.”
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