Environmental Pest Control Unveils New Website Featuring Resourceful Pest Library & User-Friendly Design

Environmental Pest Control

​​Environmental Pest Control (EPC), leader in Toronto pest control and pest control services across Southern Ontario with their Green Pest Management System, have recently launched their newly redesigned website. The fresh design offers users more intuitive navigation and improved usability along with a fully stocked, resourceful pest library.

Since 1988, EPC has been providing homes and businesses in Southern Ontario with consistently effective pest control services. EPC stands out from other pest control companies in Toronto with their reputation for eliminating pest problems the first time. EPC’s passion for the environment is embedded in their pest management approach, which is through their Green Pest Management System. For over thirty years, EPC has brought forth their dedication towards alleviating stress for homeowners and businesses through expertly handling pest management issues without reliance on pesticide products. They have proudly dedicated their efforts to preserving the endangered honey bee by offering extraction services, which relocate honey bees to Smith’s farm.

In addition to preserving endangered honey bees, EPC recently unveiled their brand new website in early September 2016. The fresh modern design is centered around delivering new visitors and existing customers a positive experience when seeking resources to help identify and resolve stressful pest infestations. Improved navigation with heavy focus on user-friendliness and a smart responsive design quickly allow site visitors to locate what they need and become informed on how take action against a potential pest infestation.

The main feature of the website is the new and improved pest library, featuring over 45 common pests and will continue to expand over the next year. Through the rich content made available, visitors can use the pest library to quickly learn how to identify pests, their characteristics, behaviors and habitats, as well as extermination and prevention methods.

Another highlight of the website is the Request a Free Quote tool, which quickly and effortlessly allows those seeking more information or help from EPC’s professional technicians to reach out and customize the quote or type of interaction (email or phone) they would like.

With education top of mind for Environmental Pest Control, the new website site features a visually-pleasing card style blog. EPC’s blog is home to useful tips and advice for helping identify and prevent potential pest infestations for a variety of common insects and rodents found in residential homes/apartments, cottages, country homes and properties, businesses and more.

On the new website, Paul Terhart, Owner and President of EPC, had this to say, “We are very excited about the new website and the wealth of information it has to offer. As one of the premier pest control companies in Toronto, we felt it was important to invest in an extensive pest library to showcase we’re not just an exterminator but an educator as well. Overall, people who visited the old site and then see the new one will be amazed by the fresh looks and feel, improved functionality and ease of use.”

About Environmental Pest Control (EPC):

EPC’s reputation for quality Toronto pest control stands proud. Since 1988, EPC has stood out from other pest control companies in Toronto with their reputation for providing environmentally responsible and effective pest control with impeccable customer service. Backed by 30 years’ experience, their licensed pest control Toronto technicians will locate the source of the infestation and apply proven methods for eliminating the pest problem. EPC services all types of properties, including commercial, residential and hospitality. Contacting EPC is the best way to solve pest problems the first time.

Source: Environmental Pest Control