Environmental Credit Score Foundation Refutes Affiliation With Political Parties

The Environmental Credit Score Foundation wants the public to know that it’s a nonprofit organization that’s concerned with environmental protection and isn’t connected with any political party or platform.

In an era of fake news and easily manipulated social media data, it’s extremely easy for the unscrupulous to attack any organization and assign false motives to groups that are working toward the common good. The Environmental Credit Score Foundation is one such organization that has been maligned via social media by people erroneously equating it with a specific political party.

The Environmental Credit Score Foundation is an organization that sponsors a system and methods to assign a numerical score to a company, individual organization or other entity. That score is an indicator of the person or entity’s environmental credit worthiness, based on their efforts and actions involving environmental activities. This score can be used like the community service requirement by universities in making admission, scholarship and award decisions. It could also become a factor in hiring decisions, landlord-tenant decisions, and institutional priorities.

The organization recently launched a petition campaign on change.org to encourage companies and decision makers to support a funding project through a grant that would enable the organization to expedite the official launch of the environmental credit scoring system.

The organization’s initiative also came under fire from individuals trying to link the project to political parties. Those misguided individuals are representative of a growing number of people that insist on making even the most beneficial and innocuous of programs a political battlefield, thereby delaying or denying funding and diverting interest away from worthwhile causes and beneficial programs.

Although there are wide ranges of green certifications, the effectiveness of these certifications to cause a significant shift in the environmental protection field is limited and companies use the certifications to promote themselves as conscientious stewards of the environment to the public. Many companies claim to “go green,” but they aren’t offering 100 percent environmentally-friendly products.

The Environmental Credit Score Foundation believes there is a missing step in the cycles of environmental protection strategies which is “consumer demand.” The increase in consumer demand for environmentally-friendly products and services will cause a significant shift in the environmental protection field by encouraging companies to offer environmentally-friendly products. In addition, evaluating the environmental protection activities of individuals, such as recycling and purchasing activities, will make environmental protection a habit.

Establishing an environmental credit scoring system will create for the first time a cycle whereby individuals, businesses and other entities can work together to protect the environment, while also serving their self-interests. The score provides a tangible tool that businesses, corporations, schools and governments can utilize to promote services and products as “green” and environmentally friendly.

The goal of the Environmental Credit Score Foundation is to provide a standardizes scoring system that demonstrates the eco-friendly efforts of individual, companies, organizations and institutions that help preserve and save the planet. The Environmental Credit Score Foundation has no ties or affiliations with the policies or practices of any political party.

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Source: Environmental Credit Score Foundation

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