Environmental Credit Score Foundation Debuts Patent Pending System and Methods for Protecting the Planet

The new nonprofit organization, Environmental Credit Score Foundation, has announced its launch in Lewes, Delaware, U.S. The patent-pending system will assign a numerical score indicating a company or individual's environmental creditworthiness according to their actions and efforts in regard to environmental activities.

The launch of the Environmental Credit Score Foundation comes at a critical time. The Paris Agreement was formed to help combat climate change and practices detrimental to the environment, but not all countries are participating.

The work of the Environmental Credit Score Foundation has vast potential, applications and benefits for the future. The Foundation will collect environmental credit data from partners encompassing multiple sources, processes and evaluate the information, and provide an environmental credit score that reflects the environmental footprint of any individual, business, organization or entity.

The Environmental Credit Score will be beneficial for businesses and companies from all over the world that want to promote their enterprises, services and products as environmentally-friendly. The Foundation's score will provide confirmation and proof of a company's commitment and efforts in that direction. Educational Institutions and governmental agencies, along with rideshare, recycling and green technology companies are considered potential partners.

Organizations and companies will have a wealth of ways in which they can build their Environmental Credit Score by providing environmentally friendly services and products, along with organizing and sponsoring environmentally-based activities.

Services will be available to any individual, company, governmental entity, nonprofit organization and educational institution from all over the world that register as "partners" and/or "users." Partners will be able to enter the environmental activities of their employees, clients and customers into the Foundation's database. Users will be able to check their score at any time. Scores can be used as a criterion to offer any number of benefits and advantages to other like-minded people and businesses. It can also be utilized to make decisions ranging from employment and housing to education.

Environmental Credit Scores will soon become a reality for organizations, companies and other entities that want to attain the highest level of prosperity.

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Source: Environmental Credit Score Foundation

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