Entrepreneur Jennifer Zemp in Las Vegas Announces New Block Heels Line - Sassy Girl Working With Tata Prada in Colombia

Jennifer Zemp in Las Vegas achieved success with help from her husband Ron Zemp's marketing and financial support with Kasey-Z Shoes - a luxury line of heels that now will offer more comfortable options.

Kasey-Z Shoes by Jennifer Zemp

Jennifer Zemp from Las Vegas takes her designs to Tata Prada in Colombia, a known manufacturer in Medellin. ​​With sales of heels plummeting, it seems like sneakers, flats and block heels are here to stay. With a growing market of athleisure wear and accessories, Kasey-Z Shoes had to adjust to what women want. The exclusive launching of the Sassy Girl Collection will be in Laguna Hills, California.

Even though only around 30% of women still wear heels to work, according to data, there’s still a dominant notion that powerful women wear power heels.

Look at Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer and author of Lean In, the ultimate playbook for the professional woman looking to climb the ladder. In her 2010 TED talk — the one that went viral and made her famous when she was still working at Google — Sandberg is tottering around on what look to be at least three-inch spikes.

Things are changing - women want to be comfortable and be able to move without being in pain.

Shoe designer Jennifer Zemp says, “The Sassy Girl line is made for the working woman who is on her feet all day.”

It seems as though the verdict is in: Block heels are becoming a classic. Both practical and stylish, these shoes are without a doubt made for walking, dancing and whatever activity a girl might find herself in.

Block heels are the perfect way to stay trendy while still being comfortable. We all love a good stiletto heel, but a chunky block sandal, pump or boot can still deliver a bold fashion-forward statement. The heel of a shoe - from easy-going chunky sandals to edgy rock-and-roll booties - can change the entire look.

Kasey-Z Shoes' Sassy Girl block heels are supported with several memory foam layers, including materials that are typically found in athletic footwear, yet still look like heels. Kasey-Z Shoes' out-soles claim to offer amazing bounce and comfort.

Sassy Girl website will launch in early February 2018.

The Sassy Girl collection will be available online at www.ronjenniferzemp.com in February 2018 and will retail at $300-$500. For more information on Sassy Girl, please visit the website at www.ronjenniferzemp.com.

About Sassy Girl by Kasey-Z Shoes:

The footwear is designed for people who care about comfort, giving wearers increased support in the heel and ball of the foot. The principles of Sassy Girl have been embedded into a beautiful shoe with a comfortable block heel. Going beyond comfort, small innovations and adjustments have been incorporated to create a shoe you’ll never want to take off - one that’s light, flexible and still is a heel.

Source: Kasey-Z Shoes


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