EnjoyCompare Launches New Smart Loans Calculator - Singapore

EnjoyCompare launches a personal loans calculator, making it even easier to compare loans in Singapore quickly, easily and efficiently. So be smart and start saving today with the EnjoyCompare best personal loans in Singapore.

EnjoyCompare Launches a Loans Calculator

EnjoyCompare was the first comparison website in Singapore, launching in 2012. What's more, as the only independent comparison engine; having not taken venture funding, EnjoyCompare prides itself in offering users the very best.

Compare Personal Loans

EnjoyCompare offers users the ability to filter, rank and order the best loans in Singapore. Helping users make an informed comparison. The launch of the new smart loans calculator further improves that service by making a complex industry transparent.

Smart Calculator

The recently launched EnjoyCompare Smart Loans Calculator allows users to rank personal loans by the estimated monthly repayments. Whether you're a Singaporean/PR or a foreigner, EnjoyCompare allows you to check your eligibility for a loan, filtering the results to display only the best loans for you. This personalized service is offered free of charge and takes a complex comparison and displays its quickly, simply and clearly.

So why not give it a go and compare the best loans in Singapore.

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