EnjoyCompare Expands Into Money and Telegraphic Transfer Comparison

Singapore comparison website EnjoyCompare has expanded its services to include Money Transfer comparison in Singapore.

EnjoyCompare Money Transfer

EnjoyCompare takes action, against the hefty transfer fees that banks charge to send money across borders. 

The recently launched money transfer comparison tool on EnjoyCompare, has seen significant growth in the first few months, which is testament to the growing demand for finding the best money transfer provider.

Singaporeans have been paying large transfer fees and over-inflated transfer rates for too long and no matter what you call it — money remittance, wire transfer or bank transfer — the telegraphic transfer industry is changing. New providers have dramatically changed the landscape, which was once the exclusive domain of established banks. 

In partnership with global transfer providers like WorldFirstTransferwise and Currencies Direct, EnjoyCompare has exposed the hidden fees that banks charge (up to 5 percent) and helped highlight the incredible savings users can make.

You can use the EnjoyCompare wire transfer comparison, to find a transfer company that lets you send money from Singapore to another country. Users are recommended to get quotes from each company to find the best deal.

All transfer services and companies base your quote on:

  • The total amount you want to transfer
  • Any transfer fees for sending your money abroad

  • The exchange rate for the foreign currency you are transferring to

Some online money transfer companies may offer better rates if you transfer a large amount of money, like $20,000 SGD.

"Our goal is to save consumers money and after seeing the hefty fees that banks levy to send money across borders, we decided to act and launched our Money Transfer Comparison tool" – Greg Fortune - Head of Partnerships & Co-Founder

So if you're interested in getting the best transfer rate when you transfer money internationally, then use EnjoyCompare Bank Transfer comparison.

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