Enago to Provide English Editing Services to Overleaf Users

Enago and Overleaf have entered into a partnership to provide Overleaf users with streamlined access to Enago's pre-submission English editing services. Overleaf users will be given a 10% discount on Enago's editing services.

​Enago, a leading provider of language editing solutions for scientific researchers, has entered into a publishing service partnership with Overleaf, an award winning cloud-based collaborative writing and publishing tool. This new partnership provides Overleaf users with streamlined access to Enago’s pre-submission English editing services.

Under the partnership, authors will be able to directly transfer their manuscripts to Enago by clicking the ‘publish’ link within their Overleaf account. This will provide authors with a streamlined scientific writing and publishing process. Authors can now easily write and collaborate on their documents, submit to Enago for language editing, then submit to the journal or publisher of their choice.

Enago and Overleaf share the same ethos and our partnership is a step closer to the goal of supporting authors to produce publication-ready manuscripts. With writing, professional editing, and publication support streamlined together, traditional manuscript preparation and submission is drastically simplified. Overleaf is a dynamic, forward thinking start-up and we are glad to be a part of this collaborative writing and publishing system,” said Gregory Loxton, Vice President of North America Operations, Crimson Interactive Inc.

John Hammersley, CEO and Co-Founder of Overleaf, said, “This is an excellent partnership for Overleaf users. We are always looking for new tools and services to help the research community and the Enago language editing service does just that. It provides users with access to an excellent language editing option, ensuring that author documents are clean and grammatically correct.”

To get started, authors will be required to create a separate Overleaf account and Overleaf users will receive a 10% discount off of the Enago language editing service.

About Enago (www.enago.com)

Crimson Interactive (Enago & Ulatus) is a leading language solutions provider worldwide and a One-Stop Shop for your Academic English Editing, Translation, and Journal Production needs. Enago provides world-class innovative editorial services with a unique online workflow for English Editing and Journal Production. Recommended by 1680+ journals, we have one of the largest teams of editors (965+) handling 1117 disciplines. Ulatus facilitates scholarly communication and provides high quality, timely, and cost-effective translation services to academic publishers and journals. Crimson Interactive (Enago & Ulatus) has served over 81,000 authors across 125 countries and have local presence in Japan, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Korea, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and the US.

Contact us at press@enago.com or visit www.enago.com to know how Crimson Interactive (Enago) can help you with your editing and publication needs.

 About Overleaf (www.overleaf.com)

Founded in 2012, Overleaf is an academic authorship tool that allows seamless collaboration and effortless manuscript submission, all underpinned by cloud-technology.

By providing an intuitive online collaborative writing and publishing platform, Overleaf is making the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier. With over 250,000 registered users, Overleaf has been growing rapidly since its launch, mainly through the grassroots movement that has formed around the platform. Researchers and academics can now write, collaborate, and publish with a single click, directly from the Overleaf web-app. Publishers and Institutions are partnering with Overleaf to provide customized writing templates, simple reference tool linking, and one-click publishing submission links.

In July 2015, Overleaf was shortlisted for the 2015 ALPSP Innovation in Publishing award, demonstrating excellence in terms of originality and innovation, significance and value to the community, utility and long-term viability. In July 2014, Overleaf was crowned Innovative Internet Business of 2014 at the Nominet Internet Awards held in London, representing the pinnacle of online innovation in the UK. Overleaf is a Digital Science portfolio company.

Visit https://www.overleaf.com and follow @overleaf on Twitter.