Enago Launches Citation Booster Service in Japan - Maximizing Citations and Recognition for Academic Research

Helping researchers effectively promote published manuscripts across media platforms and within the academic community.

Enago Launches Citation Booster Service in Japan

Enago, a global leader in the provision of editing and publication support services, has today launched its highly anticipated Citation Booster service for the Japanese market. A packaged solution, it allows authors to maximize recognition and publicity for their research, by increasing the number of citations their published manuscripts receive.

A one-of-a-kind offering, the Citation Booster combines three services: Scientific News Report, Simplified Abstracts and Tweetable Abstracts. Together, they transform the content of a manuscript into short, engaging, highly citable formats, making them easy and worthwhile to share for academics, people, the press and online media platforms.

Yuko Furuya, CEO, Enago Japan said, "Given the volume of manuscripts being published internationally, researchers often find it incredibly daunting to get their work noticed. The Citation Booster is a one-stop solution for them, making their research instantly discoverable not just within the academic community, but for the wider masses as well. Indeed, the USP of this service is that it is able to leverage the virality-potential of modern social and online media platforms to reach conceivably millions of ordinary citizens and laymen who would find such information highly interesting, but wouldn't normally come across it."

This service allows published manuscripts to become immediately visible on high-traffic platforms like https://www.eurekalert.org. Researchers, academics, publishers, and universities alike can benefit from the Citation Booster, converting their scholarly output into shareable, media-savvy compositions. This empowers authors by letting them focus on their core competencies of research and discovery, safe in the knowledge that their work will receive its due appreciation.

About Enago (www.enago.com)

Enago is a trusted name in author services for the global research community. Since 2005, we have worked with authors in more than 125 countries improving the communication of their work and helping them to achieve success in publication. Enago is a preferred partner for leading publishers, societies, as well as universities worldwide. Enago Academy, the author education arm of Enago, addresses emerging needs of early stage and experienced researchers by publishing knowledge articles, infographics, e-books, and expert opinions, as well as conducting author training workshops and on-demand webinars.

We have offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, and New York. Enago operates globally with regional teams supporting authors locally.

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