Enago Partners With Bioscientifica to Offer Manuscript Preparation Services

Supporting advanced biomedical science through high-quality English editing services

Enago Partners with Bioscientifica

Leading global STM provider Enago announced today a new partnership with Bioscientifica, a well-respected provider of publishing, events and association management services, owned by the Society for Endocrinology. Under this new collaboration, Enago’s high-quality English editing and publication support services will be offered to Bioscientifica’s global research community at a reduced price.

The aim of the partnership is to improve the quality of biomedical research papers submitted by authors, helping them to meet the stringent submission standards of international, high-impact journals. Those who access Enago’s services can choose from two levels of editing: Copy Editing and Substantive Editing.

Enago’s expert editing team of qualified editing professionals and published authors specialised in over 250-plus biomedical subject areas so researchers can submit their papers with the confidence that the content will be handled sensitively and professionally. It’s a partnership that offers mutual benefits to all involved.

“Our affiliation with Bioscientifica presents a unique opportunity,” said Rajiv Shirke, VP Global Operations, Enago. “We are delighted to partner with such an established name and to offer our expertise in scientific editing and publishing to researchers specialising in this important field. This collaboration will enable us to help more authors improve the quality of their work and achieve their publication goals.”

Also speaking about the new partnership, Bioscientifica is confident these services will not only benefit the author but also the industry. “Our focus has always been on strengthening research and knowledge in the field of biomedicine to advance science and health,” said Kathryn Spiller, Head of Publishing at Bioscientifica. “By working with Enago to enable access to high-quality editing services at reduced cost, we’re ensuring the focus is on clear communication of the scientific and medical research that our authors are presenting for publication.”

Authors in Bioscientifica’s research community will be able to access Enago’s services and take advantage of the 20 percent discount via a co-branded web portal.

For more information visit – enago.com/bioscientifica

About Enago

A trusted name in the global research community, Enago specialises in providing scientific and academic editing and publishing services to research authors. Since 2005, they helped researchers in over 125 countries improve the quality of their written work and achieve publication success. With offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, and New York, they operate internationally with regional teams delivering local support. Enago is a preferred partner for leading publishers, societies and universities worldwide.

To find out more visit enago.com

About Bioscientifica

For 20 years, Bioscientifica has been collaborating with learned societies worldwide to provide high-quality publishing, events and association management to the bio-medical and bio-science communities. Bioscientifica exists to support bio-medicine. Through their expertise in publishingevents and association management they strengthen bio-medical communities to advance science and health. Bioscientifica is owned by the Society for Endocrinology, and all their profits are redistributed back to bio-medicine.

To find out more visit bioscientifica.com.

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