Employment BOOST Launches Multi-City Resume Revamp Tour to Kick-Start New Year's Job Growth

Resume Writing Services Leader Coming to New York & Chicago in January 2017

Employment BOOST

​Despite an admittedly record run for continuous monthly jobs growth (74 months and counting) there is no doubt that many Americans, as evidenced by the election outcome itself, have felt profoundly left out of the new American economy. With labor force participation rates stuck at abysmal levels, it’s clear worker angst isn’t just fiction, but a struggling paycheck-to-paycheck fact.

In light of these realities, Employment BOOST, a Michigan-based leading resume writing and editing company, recently announced its own “tour” of cities starting in the company’s hometown of Troy, near Detroit. The tour began in November at the PNC building in downtown Troy with a free intensive workshop on how to best use LinkedIn, the professional online networking site, along with how to create a profile, develop content, connect with individuals and groups, and employ the best LinkedIn photo tips.

"Considering that the job market has grown so competitive again, the start of the new year is an ideal time when many Americans resolve to land that new position."

James Phillip, Employment BOOST Founder and CEO

A follow-up event also in Troy showed participants how to optimize user profiles to attract hiring managers or prospective clients. Advanced strategies for generating profile views and maximizing connections, including how to write compelling profile content and how to connect directly with hiring managers, were also discussed. Now, with the company’s sights set on 2017, additional workshops will be held in Chicago on January 17 and in New York on January 24.

“Whether it’s writing a resume in its more traditional format or catering to the new medium of online networking and professional social media sites like LinkedIn, getting noticed by recruiters and hearing those magic words ‘you’re hired,’ is more important than ever,” says James Phillip, Employment BOOST’s founder and CEO. “The election of a new president at the start of a new year presents exciting opportunities and new ideas about how to help all Americans benefit from a rebounding economy. I’m confident that Employment BOOST’s talented group of resume writers and reviewers are up to the task to ensure that 2017 will be an incredible year of continued jobs growth with robust hiring.”

The upcoming workshops in Chicago and New York, titled “Revamp Your Resume,” and “Remix Your Resume,” respectively, will teach participants how to think like a hiring manager, how to organize their resumes strategically, how to develop impressive content, and how to address job gaps or poor tenure. All of these areas are particularly important for jobseekers who have struggled maintaining gainful employment in the post-recession economy or have had periods of partial or under-employment.

“Considering that the job market has grown so competitive again, the start of the new year is an ideal time when many Americans resolve to land that new position,” adds Phillip. “New York and Chicago are both ideal locations to generate the greatest excitement over our workshops and to achieve the highest attendance rates. If our events in Troy are any indication of next month’s success, 2017 will be off to a fantastic start.”

About Employment BOOST

Employment BOOST offers a variety of resume writing services at competitive pricing plans, each tailored to meet individual needs. Services include a phone conversation to discuss an applicant’s current resume, and complete chronological or functional resume development. Employment BOOST will also optimize a resume for keyword indexing and search engine optimization, and proofread for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Whether applicants are recent college graduates, at entry-level positions, management, or transitional, Employment BOOST has the professional resume writers with the expert credentials to help your resume stand out from the crowd.

The company also uses an in-house resume database that contains hundreds of thousands of resumes in order to compare an applicant’s resume against competitors, so that you can feel assured your resume is in the top 1 percent. Resumes are filled in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

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