Empire Investigation Uncover Variety of Asset Investigations and Other Investigative Services

Empire Investigation, with years of experience, has been serving millions of clients in and around Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and New Castle, PA, offering extensive investigative services.

​An asset search investigation is necessary especially when it comes to locating public records that confirm personal property or real estate held by a private or corporate entity. These searches are primarily required to uncover value and any potential liabilities associated with property. The kind of investigation can be fruitful in assisting individuals and companies to satisfy their due diligence, settle personal injury cases, collect debt, and verify financial statements during a divorce or child or child support case. Empire Investigators are exactly doing it for you in Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and New Castle, PA.

They have a variety of solutions to help you gain access to an individual or business’ financial profile with a customized asset investigation. The expert private investigator in Erie at Empire can find the answers to many questions that might otherwise remain unanswered by attorneys, law enforcement, or invested parties. Whether for a domestic dispute or corporate merger, the team of Empire and its international affiliates have the knowledge and experience in finding hidden assets such as Bank accounts, business ownership, stocks and bonds, insurance policies, properties, vehicles, and offshore international accounts.

The experts are familiar with many methods of hiding assets or obscuring ownership. They can also support their client’s objectives with their proven skill and expertise and global network.

An asset investigation can also confirm whether one should go to court and get the money back. It can also confirm whether the claim of being unable to pay has any valid ground or not. It can also confirm whether there is any need to go to small claims court or a collection agency, and if yes, it can report how many collectible assets a person or business has and where he or she stands in relation to other creditors suing the same debtor. Empire Investigators looks through this aspects with utmost professionals. They are also active in other fields such as litigation support, criminal defense, residue testing, child custody, due diligence, and more. They are also a local resource that is always on the state-of-the-art technology for bug detector in Erie.

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About the Company :

Empire Investigation has been providing an array of comprehensive investigative services for years. Founded in 1982, the firm has earned reputation among the community in Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and New Castle, PA. Being familiar with the methods of hiding assets or obscuring ownership, they can truly help you locate the public records confirming the ownership of certain assets.

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