Private Detective in Youngstown Ohio to Carry Out Pre-Employment Screening

Hire private detective in Youngstown, Ohio for in-depth pre-employment screening and uncovering other specifics for numerous purposes.

​For those who are curious and concerned about the security of their family and business, performing background search is the ideal option to clear doubts about someone in question. It is precisely a method of gathering information about a person, which may include one’s records and public records. This is extremely important in the field of employment, especially that these reports would help the employer in evaluating the possible risks and benefits when this kind of applicant would be hired. It is also important for those who are looking to own firearms. Empire Investigation LLC is a private investigative firm that offers services of a private detective in Youngstown Ohio.

As for pre-employment screening, a background check might be important as it provides the employer with a lot of information about the job applicant. This would include the person’s name, address, date of birth and other basic information. Additionally, this can also help the employer in evaluating and assessing the employee as an applicant, if they are indeed fit or qualified for the job. After job experience makes a lot of difference in the employment industry.

The expert professionals specialize in providing a whole lot of investigative services such as computer forensics, cell phone forensics, international services, hidden video cameras, domestic concerns, litigation support, corporate investigations, criminal defense, electronic countermeasures, residue drug testing, handwriting analysis, child custody, due diligence, fingerprinting lifting, and more.

Since they opened the door in 1982, the company provides a comprehensive array of investigative services. Their award-winning commitment to excellence and expertise has earned them an international reputation based on their experience and success. They are all set to help their clients worldwide maximize their performance and achieve strategic objectives through intelligence, analysis, and problem-solving.

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About the Company:

Established in 1982, Empire Investigation provides a comprehensive array of investigative services.The firm’s mission is to help clients worldwide maximize their performance and achieve strategic objectives through intelligence, analysis and problem solving.

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