Emergency Tree Service: Be Very Afraid of the Big Bad Gentle Tree

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Storm warning updates on a mobile device are always alarming; realizing a large tree destroyed your property is even more alarming. The threat to homes or businesses from the Big Bad Gentle Tree increases when damaging winds, thunderstorms and flooding collide in southern California. These southern California storms are so fierce, sometimes the National Hazardous Weather Outlook Broadcasts often place all 3 of these storm conditions in the same alert. The uncertainty is not if these emergency tree removals will occur, it's when.

Loved Ones Inside a Property Can Be Hurt by Damaging Winds. Extreme windstorms are more complicated and harder to forecast in Southern California. The Santa Ana winds are sometimes running hundreds of miles over mountains, with a straight-line wind rate of 75-100 mph wind bursts. When these dangerous winds clash with extreme heat or cold storms, they become even more dangerous, creating a false sense of security within your home. A property owner's breaking point is increased when nature's breaking point has been reached. says Supreme Tree Experts' Temis Gonzalez, President/COO. The dangers of the Southern California winds can not only cause property damage, overgrown trees can affect loved ones inside a property. Friends and family members can be victims to trees that can come crashing through the roof, breaking glass and compromising the structural integrity of a property. Additional dangers of the Big Bad Gentle Tree increase year after year the bigger the tree grows, becoming inherently dangerous to itself and the unassuming people walking by. The bigger the storm, the larger the tree, the greater the claim, the larger the loss.

Need to Rebuild from The Ground Up After Storm Damage? Sometimes, people need to rebuild after winds, hail, and heavy rains are hard enough to drive through; additional costs to rebuild a business from storm damage and personal injury can be excessive, or worse, unaffordable. Paying extra for increased premiums, lost time, and potential claims — these outcomes would all be considered insignificant should anybody be hurt from the Big Bad Gentle Tree.

The Solution to the Big Bad Gentle Tree: It is a genuine commitment to leave a lasting impression on the environment. There is a delicate balance to preserving the Big Bad Gentle Tree’s beauty mixed with the safety of the heavy winds of Southern California. There are several industry experts who can offer help and suggestions with arborist experience when deciding how to help nature’s gentle giants. Some might believe tree removal is the only answer; perhaps a pruning, shaping or reduction could be a more viable source for tomorrow’s eco-sustainability. There could be many solutions to preserving the Big Bad Gentle Tree and learning to live with and supporting Earth's ecology, not simply removing the problem. Ask an industry expert with how to potentially avoid this problem.

Excerpt, “Supreme Tree Experts - Temis Gonzalez, President/COO”


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