CA Brush Fires and Local Fire Hazards, the Hidden Dangers - Remain Safe With These Tips

Dry winds and fire hazards are more extreme today, than they have been in years past in southern California. Long stretches of hot weather, fierce winds and little water have fueled dangerous conditions that surround homes and businesses. Fire danger is heightened between May – October; these conditions cast additional fire dangers from dry brush, overgrown trees and loose vegetation. Fire hazards are something everyone can help prevent, if you know which signs to watch from Mother Nature. These safety tips include the following:

Open Brush and Rubbish Near Your Property: These are the most dangerous fire conditions. Moving and cutting away the vegetation near your home and business is a great first step to protecting from brush and local fire hazards. Avoid going near escape impediment areas if you cannot remove the debris from your property, thick shrubs, downed trees and large thorn shrubs making escape difficult. Always have an alternate plan for escape from a sudden firestorm; this is an important tip for the safety of you and your property.

Clear loose branches on trees; remember, a dry branch on a green tree is still very flammable. A very tall fire is possible and can jump treetop to treetop.

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Safety and Heavy Equipment: When working with large engines or heavy machinery near the presence of large unincorporated areas and loose brush, be careful. These remains a top safety concern due to the potential sparks, gasoline and oversize equipment. Using this heavy equipment during peak summer hours requires more awareness than usual; make sure you know the permit area you are working with ahead of time.

What Can I Specifically Do To Prevent Fires Near My Property? "Clear loose branches on trees; remember, a dry branch on a green tree is still very flammable. A very tall fire is possible and can jump treetop to treetop," says Temis Gonzalez, President - Supreme Tree Experts. Practice fireworks safely; firework accidents are synonymous to freeways and accidents. There are no two ways about it, you do your best to stay safe but accidents occur; what if your fire accidentally involved 300 houses, not just a 1-car accident on a freeway? These fires can create multiple tall fires that can spread long distances quickly.

There are many dangers from accidental brush fires, but the culmination of excessive heat, high winds and low humidity create the fire season in California. Carelessness and non-maintenance of property drastically increase your fire danger. Living with a fire close by will be deeply memorable; living with a fire on your property is something you will never forget. Awareness and prevention make this something you might never see.

Source: Supreme Tree Experts


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