Ella Paradis Reveals Women Aren't the Only Ones Who Use Vibrators

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A national study conducted by Ella Paradis, leading online retailer of sexual health & wellness products, revealed common trends when it comes to who, how and when adults partake in vibrator use. In the study, 1,187 adults were asked a series of questions relating to sex and relationships. The results showed a significant shift in the public's view of sex toys.​

“We are seeing more and more people open to talking about sex, and those who were once apprehensive to use sex toys, now educating themselves on their benefits,” remarked Tino Dietrich, CEO at Ella Paradis. “We're extremely excited to support this shift in culture by providing the best experience, products and content empowering adults to make informed decisions about their sex lives.”

The first survey question asked users “Do You Use a Vibrator?” and of the adults who were asked, 88.2% of respondents noted they do in fact use vibrators. Of those who answered yes, 48.8% were women and 48.8% were male, showing how men equally partake in vibrator use.​

Next, the survey asked “How Often Do You Use a Vibrator?” and 32.1% said a few times a week, 27.9% said a few times a month, 17% said about once a week, 13.3% said less than once a month, 6.1% said every day and 3.6% said once a month.

After knowing how often respondents partake in vibrator usage, they were asked “What Time of Day is It When You Use Your Vibrator?” and 49.7% of respondents noted “it really doesn’t matter – whenever I feel like it,” 38.8% of respondents noted at night before they fall asleep, 7.9% of respondents noted they use a vibrator in the middle of the day to ease stress and only 3.6% said they use it in the morning when they first wake up.

One aspect of vibrator usage appearing more prominently is the use of a vibrator during intercourse. The next question asked was “Do You Use a Vibrator with a Partner?” and 48.5% noted sometimes, 33.3% said always and 18.2% said no.​

Another hypothesis tested was whether partners become jealous of these electronics. Therefore, the last question asked to respondents was “Do You Feel Your Significant Other is Jealous of Your Vibrator?” and 84.2% noted they don’t feel their partner is jealous of their vibrator, 10.9% noted they don’t have a significant other and 4.8% said yes they were jealous.

Founded in 2015, Ella Paradis is on a mission to bring everyone pleasure with premium products and quality service. They hope to empower adults by providing optimal solutions, resources and content to improve their quality of life through informed decisions on sexual health and wellness. They aim to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable embracing their sexuality without feeling shamed or degraded. Ella Paradis is committed to making the experience of pleasure affordable and accessible for everyone, while simultaneously breaking stigmas surrounding sexuality.

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