Elite Solutions, Inc. Raises Awareness for Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Elite Solutions, Inc. team has been actively involved in building mindfulness about this devastating disease. The team will continue to partner with brands and go pink all month.

“I don’t know anyone whose life hasn’t been touched to some extent by breast cancer,” said Yasmin C., Elite Solutions, Inc.’s president. “We’re proud to raise awareness regarding this disease’s prevention, testing, and treatment, as well as the research taking place to discover a cure.”

To show their support, Elite Solutions, Inc. team members are partnering with a national automotive care brand to support Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s (BCRF) Pink Promotion. The team is dedicated to raising awareness and funds through sales of the products they represent. At their October events, the Elite Solutions, Inc. team has worn pink breast cancer scarves. “We’ve really been focused on spreading the message,” cited Yasmin. “The feedback has been positive. People are happy to join us in raising awareness. Many survivors have shared their stories with our team, too.”

"We've really been focused on spreading the message,"

Yasmin C., Company President

Heading the BCRF Pink Promotion campaigns is Patience, a top event trainer. Said Yasmin, “Patience’s three strengths include being highly organized, maintaining exceptional standards, and always asking questions. It’s an honor to work with her and have her at the helm of this wonderful promotion.” Patience has stated that her goal is to be promoted into an assistant management position by next month.

Elite Solutions, Inc. Discusses the Importance of Giving Back

Yasmin noted that Elite Solutions, Inc.’s culture is oriented toward philanthropy. “We believe it is important for our team to give back to the community regularly,” she explained. “Our business roots are such that we want to show our support for those who support us, including other businesses, local customers, and even our neighbors.”

As Yasmin explained, the entire team is involved in the BCRF’s Pink Promotion. “Everyone has participated in some way,” she said. “We set measurable goals for fundraising, just like we do for our on-site sales campaigns. It allows us to continually track and adjust our progress so we’re fully able to optimize our plan. Patience has been like a cheerleader, getting everyone excited and keeping us posted on how we’re progressing. You can feel the enthusiasm.”

“We all feel great about what we’re doing,” concluded Yasmin. “Some things are bigger than us and it’s important to remember that each of us has an obligation to help our neighbors. This is how we’re giving back.”

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