Elite Solutions, Inc. on Desirae's Mission Trip

Proud of all her team members, Elite Solutions, Inc. turned the spotlight to Desirae. This associate recently returned from a mission trip, which she discussed in great detail.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the people on the Elite Solutions, Inc. team,” said Yasmin, the firm’s President. “Each associate offers unique value. At this time, however, I think Desirae is deserving of some extra attention. She has returned from a medical and faith mission trip to Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean, where she did some amazing work.”

Desirae explained that, during the trip, she worked with a team from Global Faith Alliance. Led by executive director Dr. Lehman Bates, the group consisted of doctors, nurses, preachers, and many volunteers from across the world. They gather in the locale every year to worship and attend to the people there.

"I can't speak highly enough of the people on the Elite Solutions, Inc. team."



“I have always been passionate about helping others,” said Desirae. “I originally was going to Haiti with a nonprofit called Trinity Hope, but my papa introduced me to the Global Faith Alliance team. That worked out better. I was able to explore and really grasp the culture from just one week. The island is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but there are some many things that make it unique.”

“I worked at one of the stations that was located at the Independence Square,” added the Elite Solutions, Inc. associate. “I talked with others about their lives, their living conditions, and how they felt about us coming to help them. Many people recognized us from last year, and they seemed excited that we were back to help. Everyone was nice, and I am very pleased to have created friendships. These are all the reasons why this trip was so special, and I am looking forward to next year!”

Elite Solutions, Inc. Team Member Connects Mission Trip to Career Success

According to Desirae, the benefits of traveling are directly connected to career success. Understanding life in a different place, learning how people get along in other cultures, and simply communicating and working with others are great ways to hone networking acumen. Relationship building was a big part of Desirae’s trip – even as it pertains to the people who accompanied her on the adventure. Although they work primarily in the medical field, they gave her advice and introduced her to others. The ability to make such connections is pivotal to advancement in the marketing and consulting field.

“My biggest advice for others is to get out of the comfort zone,” Desirae concluded. “I think the major problem people have – myself included – is that we get too comfortable with our responsibilities, expectations, etc. We limit ourselves from what we are really capable of doing. I had never flown on a plane, been out of the country, or even pursued a mission trip until this one. I got out of my comfort zone to experience new things, and I learned a lot from it. Having a student mentality is a big deal at Elite Solutions, Inc., and I certainly applied mine during this trip. I believe my career and personal development soared simply from being open-minded and willing to learn. I am glad to have experienced this opportunity, and I look forward to many more!”

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