Elite EXTRA Launches New Suite of Last Mile Software Solutions

Third-Party Deliveries and Automated Returns Now Part of Trusted Elite EXTRA Brand

Elite EXTRA, an advanced logistics software that specializes in last mile deliveries, announced today that it has expanded its brand, adding returns logistics and third-party deliveries to its suite of software services.

The new products, Returns Automation and Delivery Network, will be under the Elite EXTRA brand, joining the company's first product, Routing and Dispatch, previously known simply as Elite EXTRA, which has been providing optimized routes and real-time tracking to customers since 2009.

Elite EXTRA President and Founder Jim Ward said the expansion came as a result of increased demand from existing clients to serve a wider range of last-mile challenges. 

"Supply chain issues have heightened the need for businesses to process returns as quickly as possible so they can get the product back on shelves, which led to our Returns Automation product," said Ward. "And driver shortages were an issue even prior to Covid, and now it's in a critical stage. "Our Delivery Network software can help by seamlessly calling in crowdsourced and courier fleets to provide on-demand delivery services for our users."

In 2020, customers returned items totaling $428 billion, according to the National Retail Federation survey, which showed the cost of those returns totaling $101 billion. As such, Ward said businesses looking to increase profits through a streamlined returns process will see an immediate ROI with Elite EXTRA's new Returns Automation software.

Ward also indicated that more businesses are relying on third-party delivery services in a time when the driver shortage has grown more extreme each year, marking a shortage of 80,000 in 2021, up from 61,000 the previous year.

"The supply chain is experiencing greater challenges than ever before," said Ward. "We're pleased to be innovating software that can ease those challenges for our customers by streamlining  their deliveries and returns, saving them time and money."

Elite EXTRA started in automotive parts deliveries and is now in over 50 industries globally. 

For more information about Elite EXTRA or its new software offerings, see www.EliteEXTRA.com or contact bhalverson@eliteextra.com

About Elite EXTRA

Elite EXTRA is a globally recognized brand that provides a suite of software services, including Routing and Dispatch, Returns Automation and Delivery Network for last mile logistics. With over 26 years of innovation and a large base of customers who trust them as partners to power their deliveries, returns and service technicians, Elite EXTRA serves over 50 industries. For more information, visit www.EliteEXTRA.com

Source: Elite EXTRA