Elite EXTRA Launches Latest Product to Reinvent Returns Operations in B2B Industries

Announcing Returns Automation for Simplified Returns Management

Elite EXTRA, a last-mile software provider, is bringing its newest product, Returns Automation, to the market. The product aims to transform the last-mile B2B returns experience by enhancing transparency, trackability, and efficiency.

Returns Automation is a returns management software that offers a multitude of features to improve the reverse logistics experience for businesses and buyers. Among these features is a dashboard for businesses to digitally manage every return, a customer portal for customers to easily request returns, and a BI system underneath to automatically enforce return policies.

Elite EXTRA President and Founder, Jim Ward, explains how after 15+ years of helping companies optimize their delivery operations, the company has developed Returns Automation to fill the void of product returns.

"For years, B2B companies have been in an arms race to modernize and streamline their delivery operations to keep up with customer demand," said Ward. "Meanwhile, these same companies are still managing product returns using paper returns slips. That's simply not good enough when customers are used to the smooth returns experiences offered by B2C retailers."

Another key issue that Returns Automation looks to solve is the high costs associated with product returns. This pain point is ever-present as companies look to save costs wherever possible in the midst of economic uncertainty. By increasing returns efficiency, reducing lost products, and ensuring return requests are verified, the solution looks to ease the financial burden of returns.

"Returns Automation has made a positive impact on our returns process faster than I expected," John Book, an early adopter of Returns Automation in the automotive industry, says. "No more cumbersome return write-ups for drivers, everyone knows the status of each return, and customers have every purchase at their fingertips. I was surprised how well rolling out the portal to our customers has gone with over 95% adoption so far."

Discover the benefits of Elite EXTRA and its new Returns Automation product today. Visit the company's website to learn more.

Elite EXTRA is a logistics software company offering industry-leading solutions for the last mile of the supply chain. Included in its software suite is a logistics management software (Routing & Dispatch), a third-party delivery platform (Delivery Network) and a returns management software (Returns Automation). With over 15 years of industry experience, Elite EXTRA prides itself in developing innovative solutions that keep companies on the cutting edge, and offering second-to-none customer support.

Source: Elite EXTRA