Elite Athletes Use FIT36® to Improve Performance and Prevent Injury

Functional HIIT workout helps athletes train for what they love.

​​​​​Jesse Kajer used to finish in the middle of the pack at road and mountain biking competitions. Now, he is consistently in the top 10 percent. Hector Reyes was 60 pounds heavier, but now competes in mountain trail running competitions, completing 100 miles in 23 hours. These two athletes train hard for what they love to do, and they do it at the same place…the FIT36® LoDo studio in downtown Denver. A relatively new concept in high intensity interval training, FIT36 provides a full-body, functional workout in just 36 minutes, and according to these two men, yields some pretty remarkable results safely and in far less time than traditional gyms and other cross-fit type studios.

At 35, Kajer has been road and mountain biking most of his adult life, but started to get serious about it four years ago. He discovered the FIT36 LoDo studio two years ago, and was attracted to the HIIT concept and creativity of the various circuits. While in a small group setting, 24 people, wearing heart rate monitors, progress through 12 different workout stations, twice, with brief periods of rest in between circuits. Each circuit involves 60 seconds of intense work and 30 seconds of rest. The circuits alternate training exercises during a two week micro-cycle, and then the exercises are totally changed to keep the workout interesting and challenging.

FIT36 is real conducive to cycling. It's good cardio and strength training in short spurts. When I came to the studio, I had shoulder and joint issues. Here, there isn't as much Olympic-type lifting, which in the past had caused a lot of pain and damage. FIT36 was a real solution for me.

Jesse Kajer, Mountain biking racer

“FIT36 is real conducive to cycling,” says Kajer. “It’s good cardio and strength training in short spurts. When I came to the studio, I had shoulder and joint issues. Here, there isn’t as much Olympic-type lifting, which in the past had caused a lot of pain and damage. FIT36 was a real solution for me.”

Kajer spends the summertime riding and competing in cycling events. He loves being outside, surrounded by nature and meeting new friends. However, now that the seasons have changed, he trains at the FIT36 studio five or six times a week and he has found a real sense of community indoors.

“The social aspect is fun,” adds Kajer. “We high-five each other at the end of class, go to different events together and hang out at the same classes. The classes offered at FIT36 have made a huge difference for me. I’m much stronger and I want to be functionally strong for life.”

Hector Reyes is a mountain trail runner. He says he’s not fast, but loves to run for fun and will travel frequently to get away from the city and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and deserts.

“I love the freedom,” says Reyes. “Trail running is how I meditate, thinking of nothing until I reach the next station.

Originally from Mexico, Reyes moved to Denver to work as computer programmer and software developer. He’s been coming to the FIT36 LoDo studio for three years now, working out as much as 40 times a month, sometimes training two times a day for three days a week.

“The cross training between high intensity cardio and low impact strength training is really great,” says Reyespinon. “I like the small group and feel like I get a lot of guidance from the trainers. The changing circuits really challenge my muscles, which never get used to doing the same thing.”

Reyes ran about 30 races last year, but is looking to do more this next year. His goal is to run the John Muir Trail in Calif., which is 240 miles and Reyes will attempt to do that in less than three days.

For both of these men, FIT36 has filled a void in providing motivation to get better at what they love faster, and more efficiently. Plus, individuals can benefit from the afterburn, which can help the body continue to burn more calories for up to 36 hours. The circuit training can provide great results. The small group setting is inspiring and the heart rate monitoring system being used during the workout keeps individuals in the zone.

It’s also all about muscle confusion.  The trainers run circuits over a two-week period.  Just about the time the body gets used to the movements, the circuits are changed to help constantly challenge the body and condition smarter.

Lastly, the FIT36 concept is about functional fitness. The circuits are developed based on what’s relative to our lives. With the snowboarding and skiing season underway, a lot of lateral movements are being integrated to use the legs in different ways. Come summer, the circuits change up for hiking, running and mountain biking. The movements are created to relate to everyone’s personal lives.

About FIT36

FIT 36, LLC began franchising in 2014. Each FIT36 studio is independently owned and operated with four studios in Colorado, two studios in Virginia, one studio in New Jersey, and a newly-opened studio in California. To learn more about the concept and franchising opportunities, visit fit36fitness.com.

Source: FIT36

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