Eisen on the Ballot in NY-17

Independent Congressional Candidate Dr. Joshua Eisen Gets On The Ballot In NY-17 With Over 5,000 Signatures, Double The 2,450 Requirement

On Monday, Aug. 1, Dr. Joshua Eisen accepted the nomination of the independent ‘Education. Community. Law.’ line, and will appear on the ballot in the race to represent New York’s 17th congressional district. Dr. Eisen submitted over 5,200 signatures on his petitions to qualify for the November ballot, more than double the 2,450 required. Dr. Eisen collected more than all other independent candidates for any office in New York State.

Dr. Eisen filed a suit in federal court against Governor Cuomo challenging the collection of in-person handwritten signatures, at a time people are asked to handle business virtually. The suit also challenged the governor’s COVID-19-related executive orders reducing signature requirements by 70% for party-affiliated candidates but only by 30% for independent candidates. The federal suit exposed the hypocrisy of other executive orders allowing virtual notaries, eliminating signature requirements for school board elections and other accommodations while making none for the independent petitioning process.

“This is a win for democracy,” Dr. Eisen stated. “This enables us to continue the fight against the establishment to better serve our constituents.”

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Joshua Smus

Source: Eisen For Congress, Inc.