Bipartisan Support for Independent Congressional Candidate Dr. Joshua Eisen

When Democrats and Republicans across the nation are seemingly polarized beyond repair, local community leaders on both sides of the aisle agree on one thing: they endorse Dr. Josh Eisen in his bid to represent Rockland and Westchester counties in Congress. Support for Dr. Josh Eisen and his leadership style is non-partisan.

Ron Belmont and Cheryl Murray are endorsing Dr. Josh Eisen to represent Congress. Ron Belmont is the longtime Republican Mayor of Harrison. Cheryl Murray is the former Democratic Mayor of Buchanan and State Director for Westchester and Rockland counties.

When asked about Dr. Eisen’s campaign, Belmont enthusiastically stated, “I am happy to endorse Josh Eisen to represent the 17th district in Congress. Josh is a loyal community man who lives the Republican value of making communities strong.”

Murray also provided her resounding endorsement of Dr. Josh Eisen and his campaign: “Dr. Josh Eisen offers the only clear choice on the ballot to accomplish this – a moderate approach that doesn’t kowtow to the far left or far right. His experience as a business leader and his genuine interest in serving NY17 offers us an opportunity to get back on track to serving the needs of the residents of Westchester and Rockland. While our district and country remain divided along party lines, sensible leadership that puts the wellbeing of our constituents before partisan considerations is the only way to effectively address the needs of NY17.”   

Dr. Eisen was quoted saying, “The constituents of CD-17 have been through a lot this year. What the district needs is a practical and non-partisan approach to legislation that brings the community together, not radical policies that further divide it.”

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Source: Eisen for Congress, Inc.

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