Eia Hawaii Fund and Nascent Vek Announce Plans for Exciting New Interactive Festival in 2020

Eia Hawai'i Festival

After announcing their new collaboration together, Eia Hawaii Fund and Nascent Vek are pleased to announce their plans to launch a brand-new annual interactive festival, with the first festival set for July 2020 in Honolulu.

The Eia Hawai‘i Festival  is just what everyone has been waiting for, created to celebrate Hawaiian history, culture and tradition and reminding visitors of the amazing landmarks, talent and acts that reside in stunning Hawai‘i.

"This investment is a no-brainer for us in light of the festival's massive potential for Hawai'i. Hawai'i Wildlife Center and other non-profits that Eia Hawaii Fund works with need a constant flow of money in order to fund their programs, and a one-time donation wouldn't generate the same impact. Our involvement will allow them to extend their amazing work, benefitting our Keiki and communities."

Michael S. Darcy, Managing Director, Nascent Vek Group

Leave all preconceptions and stereotyped images at the door – the Eia Hawai‘i Festival will give the public a unique and interesting insight into what Hawai‘i is really all about, looking at lessons learned through history and how future generations can shape the future.

This unique, immersive non-profit festival aims to raise over $4 million for the Eia Hawaii Fund over three years to help fund local education, arts and culture, heritage and environmental protection. With all performing acts chosen by the public, the festival is set to be the first of its kind in Hawaii and casting is open to all Hawai‘i residents.

The idea for the festival came in 2017 when both companies thought it would be a great way to showcase Hawai‘i, the talents that it has and, of course, the amazing work that non-profits do all across the state. 

However, not only is the festival set to be a showcase, but also a fundraising platform to raise money that will help to develop and fund essential programs all over the state.

With the money raised, Eia Hawaii Fund (EHF) can then move forward and achieve more goals that will enhance the landscape of Hawai‘i, with everything from early childhood education, culture and arts schools programs and environmental stewardship programs all in the running to receive more funding. 

An abundance of the finest artists and performers in Hawai‘i will take to the stage and showcase their talents to the public who have handpicked them – experience is irrelevant and everybody is welcome to put themselves forward.

As part of the partnership, Nascent Vek is investing $350,000 to jump-start the festival production in the hopes to make the festival a success in order to benefit local non-profits and key programs such as those run by InPeace, BEACH and Mana Maoli. 

Michael S. Darcy, managing director of Nascent Vek, said, “This investment is a no-brainer for us in light of the festival's massive potential for Hawai‘i.

“Hawai‘i Wildlife Center and other non-profits that Eia Hawaii Fund works with need a constant flow of money in order to fund their programs, and a one-time donation wouldn’t generate the same impact. Our involvement will allow them to extend their amazing work, benefiting our Keiki and communities.”

Local non-profit business B.E.A.C.H has already been announced as one of the organizations that will take part in the festival, and they will benefit directly from the money raised. 

Co-founder of B.E.A.C.H Suzanne Frazer commented, “We are very excited to be one of the environmental non-profits invited to participate in the Eia Hawai‘i Festival. We’re proud to help raise awareness of marine debris and bring solutions to this major environmental disaster.

“We applaud EHF for putting together this festival and for all the wonderful, generous offers of funding support for non-profits which protect the ocean and coastal environment.”

Eia Hawaii Fund President Louise K Davies stated, “We are so excited to launch the very first interactive festival in Hawai‘i, which means that you choose who you want to see. Simply select your favourite acts and they are who performs – you cast them, and we put them on the stage. Structured to be a family-friendly event, for everybody from keikis to grandparents, we want to educate every generation, as well as entertain them, too.

“The festival will bring more than 750 jobs to the island for state residents and over 150 local businesses will be given a platform to showcase what they do. Tickets will be made affordable as we want to be able to welcome as many people as we can – we don’t believe in large ticket prices as they will stop a lot of people from being able to come. Accessibility for as many people as possible is key for us at EHF.

“We are set up to launch a festival of firsts and we can’t wait to bring more opportunity to Hawai‘i – our home that we are incredibly proud of.”

For more information, visit the Eia Hawai‘i Festival website at http://eiahawaiifestival.com.

Source: Eia Hawaii Fund

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