Eflow Expands Work With CFD Houses

CEO Ben Parker said “We already monitor contracts for difference (CFDs) but work is being undertaken to adhere to defined Best Execution Protocols. The legitimate trades that will sit outside Best Bid and Ask.”

Ben Parker went on to say that “We are utilising our expertise in integration. We are not just publishing reports. We have a platform that allows us to flex our muscles and offer user adaptability. Market Data is an input for us. We have exception based functionality and reporting functionality. We take individual trades to the micro second and pull the data accordingly. This means that there are no limitations on accuracy and TZ is doing the investigative work. Automation is as it should be.”

Eflow’s TZ offers clear outliers and a reporting section to support Boards and Regulators alike. Owing to new regulations and MiFID II in particular CFD houses need to own their transactions even though their business runs parallel to other financial institutions. As a result there is a new need to utilise trade surveillance solutions such as TZ but without the high level of false positives attributed to less bespoke solutions.

Eflow yet again putting its heritage of integration to good use to support the user experience.

Since 2004 eflow has been a market leading provider of enterprise financial markets solutions with offerings for regulatory compliance, trade management and white label solutions. Through its UK headquarters in Bristol and London, eflow services over 50 global clients across its product suite.

All eflow applications are built on the PATH platform. PATH is the only complete purpose-built workflow service oriented architecture available to the financial markets that combines all the best facets of middleware, workflow, business decision rules, data aggregation, case management, and toolkit with Change management in one complete package.

Source: Eflow Ltd


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