Effortless Launches iHeartRadio Campaign About Security Just as Ransomware Wannacry Wreaks Havoc on Companies Worldwide

New strains of WannaCry are tearing across the globe. Are you ready?

WannCry Continues to Strike Fear

Over the weekend, with the attack of WannaCry ransomware, many companies, governments, universities, and hospitals have been left to pick up the pieces. With the attack during and after business hours, the number of companies targeted is likely to rise as employees return to their desks each day to see the dreaded ransomware graphical interface. 

As this historical week comes to a close, Effortless — which protects the networks of national health care and insurance organizations and top Las Vegas casinos, to name a few — is launching the campaign to spread its best practices in hopes companies who haven’t been hit are taking urgent steps to protect themselves.

In an era where rampant viruses, such as WannaCry, are becoming the norm, having that trusted partner, one that feels like family, is more crucial than ever before.

Benjamin, Gayheart

The company has many precautions in place to protect their clients from attacks like these. Kyle Jamieson, Chief Operating Officer at Effortless, says: “Our ace in the hole for things like this is that we have backups that are independent of the operating system which cannot be corrupted by threats of this nature. This means that even if this [malware] were to hit you, we would be able to restore your data quickly. That, mixed with our Effortless Defense zero-day threat detection, our Microsoft Enterprise Endpoint protection, our advanced firewalls, and our many-layer approach to security, are all in place to keep our clients safe.”

This layered approach to security offered by Effortless is only the start of what they provide.

This company, on the forefront of cloud and advanced security, has branched out nationally over the last four years. Now, Effortless is launching its first radio campaign in partnership with iHeartRadio. The content will focus on easing the burden businesses face with IT and security. iHeartRadio and CNBC news anchor and award-winning investigative journalist Jane Wells will be the voice for Effortless’ Cloud and Security Campaign. Wells reached out to clients of Effortless, large and small, to explore their viewpoints on the challenges they face and how Effortless manages to alleviate these burdens. She looks to help listeners to recognize that their business and its data can remain safe, but the business can still be efficient and highly mobile. Wells leads this campaign with a great amount of knowledge of the tech industry and how it has changed over the years.

“I am thrilled to say that Effortless is vital to our all-new resort,” said Richard Faircloth, VP and Chief Information Officer at The New Tropicana Las Vegas — one of the clients Effortless has worked to develop efficient IT systems for and to protect over the years. “Effortless has become a part of the new Tropicana Las Vegas family,” he went on to say.

“And in an era where rampant viruses, such as WannaCry, are becoming the norm, having that trusted partner, one that feels like family, is more crucial than ever before,” said Benjamin Gayheart, the company’s forward-thinking founder and president. Working to fulfill this need — especially for small and mid-sized organizations who face the greatest devastation from these attacks, Effortless offers many complimentary workshops they host online for business owners looking to ensure they are protected. But they are urging not to wait to reach out until then — as, according to the US National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of smaller companies are unable to sustain their business longer than six months following a cyber-attack. 

Steps you can take today, such as to ensure you and your staff do not to open any emails or attachments that look suspicious, are important. However, solving the big picture issues that leave your company vulnerable is the only way to ensure your organization is ready when the next wave of malware makes its way to your company. Are you ready?

About Effortless

Effortless is an innovative Cloud and Security Provider, which migrates entire business infrastructures into the cloud. Effortless customers are businesses around the world that increase efficiency and save money by utilizing the solutions tailored to their business needs. Effortless brings customers into the cloud with a customized Flightplan. They start with an IT audit; then, a private cloud is built using ClearSky Environment Technology. When the cloud has been tested and approved, Effortless migrates clients' desktops, servers, applications, and the entire business network into the Effortless Cloud. Clients and their staff access this via high-level encryption from almost any Internet-enabled device. Effortless’ pay-as-you-go model provides a virtual desktop solution, which includes advanced security that goes beyond web/spam filtering, antivirus, and firewall to include signature, anomaly, and heuristic-based detection. Plus, they include back-up and disaster recovery services (full redundancy and offsite servers), USA-based tech support, and much more. The company is SSAE 16 Certified and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with additional offices and representation around the United States.

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