Effective Waste Management Can Benefit a Business' Reputation and Save Them Money — Experts Explain How to Assess and Refine Current Practices

As well as being beneficial for the environment, reducing business waste can be favourable to a business' bottom line and reputation

Waste Sense

According to Waste Sense, the leading provider of waste management services Melbourne-wide, effective management of business waste involves assessing the current processes and looking at ways these can be improved. Here the waste experts share their top tips for managing business waste effectively.

Waste management is about more than just how waste material is handled. Using resources more efficiently to avoid or reduce waste is also a key component of effective waste management. Waste Sense urges businesses to assess the lifecyle of products and services and consider if the resources could be used more efficiently from manufacturing to packaging, transportation, use and disposal. 

Waste Sense advises businesses to assess the waste they are currently producing. A quick check of what is in the bins will help businesses understand the various types of waste and how much they are creating as well as identifying materials that could be recycled or reused. 

Introducing a waste reduction program is a great idea for businesses, says Waste Sense. Having separate bins for different waste streams as well as talking to suppliers about environmentally friendly alternatives can both be effective methods for managing waste better.

It's important to ensure hazardous waste is managed correctly as this waste stream has the potential to harm humans or the environment. Waste Sense recommends businesses check the waste management rules in their state or territory to get a better understanding of their obligations as these vary between regions. 

Providing independent, unbiased advice on waste solutions to meet unique business requirements, Waste Sense takes the time to understand individual business needs, audit current processes and provide the most cost-effective, tailored recycling and waste management programs. 

Waste Sense delivers the most appropriate bins for a business' waste type and volume, ensuring they receive value for money while also maintaining compliance with the necessary legislation. To learn more and get a quote from the leaders in waste management Melbourne-wide, contact Waste Sense today. 

Source: Waste Sense


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