Edwards Pavers Shares Beginner's Guide to Bluestone Paving

A highly popular material used to finish flooring and walling surfaces, bluestone is favoured for its durability, versatility and attractive aesthetic

According to Edwards Pavers, Melbourne's leading supplier of bluestone pavers, bluestone is a type of basalt in Australia and is characterised by its blue-grey colour tones. The attractive material can work seamlessly alongside other popular finishes and can suit all types of architectural styles from traditional to modern. 

Edwards Pavers explains that bluestone is a natural material formed over millions of years of volcanic hardening, making it extremely durable and suitable across versatile applications. A key characteristic of bluestone is the naturally occurring cat's paws, formed from gas extrusions during the stone formation. These markings subtly break up the blue-grey palette and do not affect the integrity of bluestone tiles. Brown rust-coloured tones are also common in bluestone tiles. Edwards Pavers says this colour pigmentation can occur from the natural matter in the ground but does not cause rust stains.

Available in a range of finishes, bluestone pavers encompass a wide variety of styles. Edwards Pavers says exfoliated pavers are ideal for exterior flooring in covered areas while sawn bluestone pavers have a non-slip finish, making them perfect for exterior surfaces exposed to the elements. Rippled bluestone has a rough surface with linear cuts and is often used by those looking for interesting textures for backyard features and honed bluestone is entirely smooth, so it is only suitable for internal flooring. 

The bluestone experts explain that because the material is so durable and can withstand temperature fluctuations, it can be used in a wide variety of applications both inside and outside. From pool steps to entryways and bathroom flooring, bluestone is both cost effective and easy to install, making it a favourite amongst homeowners, builders and architects. 

Edwards Pavers was the first company in Melbourne to import and distribute bluestone and offers a variety of class types of high-quality bluestone. Contact the team today for expert advice or visit their showroom for design inspiration.

Source: Edwards Pavers