Edvisors Announces Updated Student Loan Handbook and Ask the Edvisor Live

​​​​For more than 20 years, Edvisors® has stood by its mission to create and share informative content and indispensable resources. Edvisors is happy to announce the updated 2019 Student Loan Handbook, available for immediate download.

The updated 2019 Student Loan Handbook provides students with clear information about what to expect in the college financing process. From clear explanations of financial aid terms to breaking down the impact of student loan interest, this resource empowers students to advocate and make decisions for themselves. This year, there is an added section just for parents to help explain their obligations in the process.

Download a free copy of the 2019 Student Loan Handbook: https://www.edvisors.com/college-loans/choosing-loans/student-loan-handbook/

Additionally, we invite students and families to join Edvisors on social media to participate in the Ask the Edvisor® Live sessions on Facebook® Live. “Students and families have changed the way they seek information regarding planning and paying for college. With all the resources out there, it can feel overwhelming and confusing. So we are happy to announce our Ask the Edvisor Live sessions to give families an opportunity to get the clarification they need,” says Anita Thomas, chief marketing officer at Edvisors.

Edvisors plans to consistently host Facebook Live sessions at least monthly. Our financial aid expert, Elaine Rubin, directly answers questions submitted through the comments or direct messages. To date, we have hosted 15 sessions with a great response from our Facebook followers who appreciate the direct answers to their questions. 

The Facebook Live sessions are hosted on the Edvisors Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/edvisors/videos/.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Aug. 15, 2019: Financial aid Q&A

Fall term is here! Can you believe it's almost time to start thinking about financial aid for the next year? Are you just getting started? Or are you preparing for your next year of college? Elaine Rubin, our in-house expert, is here to take your questions about your college journey.

  • Sept. 19, 2019: Financial aid Q&A

Financial aid applications will be released next month for Fall 2020! Our financial aid expert Elaine Rubin is ready to take your questions to help you prepare.

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Edvisors publishes free information and resources to help students and families plan and pay for college. Every year, millions of students and their families turn to the company’s flagship site, Edvisors.com, for timely, accurate information, advice and tools that help them confidently make the best decisions about paying for college. Additionally, Edvisors owns ScholarshipPoints.com, where students earn points and enter scholarship drawings (the site has awarded about $1 million to date); StudentScholarshipSearch.com, a large free online database of scholarships with an easy-to-use scholarship matching tool; and PrivateStudentLoans.com, which helps borrowers find private loan solutions during school and in the refinancing stage. Founded in 1998, Edvisors is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. More information can be found at www.edvisors.com.

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