Edvisors® Enhances Rewards Program for Consumers Beyond College, RewardFish®

RewardFish is being relaunched to consumers with expanded features and improved user experience.


RewardFish is being relaunched to consumers with expanded features and improved user experience. Edvisors introduced RewardFish to consumers in 2017 as a beta version and through user feedback has made a wholesale change to the product. RewardFish allows members to earn points by completing a variety of activities, like completing surveys, donating to charity, and other activities. Since its beta launch, RewardFish has received positive feedback from engaged users that have been able to earn gift cards by successfully completing actions.

RewardFish has been enhanced to incorporate more ways to earn points and expanded its gift card options. Users may be surprised to see that some activities are as simple as completing your profile information for points. Members can use earned points to redeem gift cards from over 40 stores and restaurants, in denominations ranging from $5 - $100. When compared to other reward sites, RewardFish has one of the highest values per point.

"RewardFish was developed with the intention to create a lifelong relationship with our customers," explains John Falb, President and CEO of Edvisors. "Earning points by completing offers to redeem gift cards, RewardFish has been a great product to add to our trusted Edvisors brand."

Along with this relaunch, RewardFish will be offering its Fall Sweepstakes contest. Each week during the sweepstakes, RewardFish will be awarding $100 worth of points which can be redeemed for gift cards. Official Rules can be found on RewardFish.com. In addition to completing activities, you can follow RewardFish on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on seasonal contests, and new ways to earn points.

For those who are 18+, join us in welcoming our newest release of our RewardFish product to the Edvisors family. To create a free account, which can be used to enter the Fall Sweepstakes, please go to: RewardFish.com.

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For more than 20 years Edvisors has been known as one of the largest and most trusted resources to help students find their path to success. We work to provide information from both our professional and personal experiences, to help individuals through college and beyond. Every year, millions of students and their families turn to the company's flagship site, Edvisors.com, for timely and accurate information, advice and tools that help them confidently make the best decisions about paying for college. Edvisors owns ScholarshipPoints.com, where students have been awarded over $1 million to date, and PrivateStudentLoans.com, which helps borrowers find private loan solutions during school and in the refinancing stage. Our newest expansion, RewardFish.com, was developed to maintain lifelong relationships with our customers.


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