Educational Event Brings Radon Professionals to Myrtle Beach Prior to the 2018 International Radon Symposium

8th Annual RadonAway® Users Group Event Breaks Records by Drawing 100+ Attendees

​​For about three decades, the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) has hosted the annual International Radon Symposium, bringing together radon professionals from around the world to exchange knowledge, experiences and practical techniques with the common goal of saving lives through radon testing and mitigation. Eight years ago, Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc., a long-time supporter and sponsor of AARST, and its RadonAway® brand, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of radon fans and radon mitigation products, accessories and supplies, introduced its first “RadonAway Users Group” full-day educational event the day before the opening of the AARST symposium. 

Each year, RadonAway invites friends and customers to this free educational event, and each year, the number of attendees has grown. This year, on Saturday, September 29th, about 110 radon industry professionals were in attendance, learning about radon mitigation and testing products and techniques from experts and colleagues.

“We were excited and pleased to welcome so many of our customers and friends,” David Hill, Executive Vice President of Spruce Environmental Technologies, remarked. “Our Users Group event started out as a way to thank our customers by providing free radon continuing education training while also supporting AARST by encouraging more professionals to attend the symposium. We’re gratified that our event has more than exceeded our expectations.”

At this year’s symposium, three keynote speakers – 32-year-old athlete Rachael Drazan-Malmberg, 37-year-old Kimberly Buchmeier, and survivor advocate Matt Ellefson – represent the people for whom the radon industry exists: lung cancer survivors and victims. The speakers are working to raise awareness of radon and encourage the public to test for and mitigate radon, the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. In the exhibit hall, Cancer Survivors Against Radon ( will urge attendees to work together toward raising radon awareness and to petition their state legislators to pass a radon awareness act (Liz’s Law, named after CanSAR’s late founder, Elizabeth Hoffmann). Similar laws passed in Illinois and Minnesota have resulted in increased radon testing and mitigation.

Certified radon professionals save lives every day by testing homes for radon and reducing high levels of radon by installing radon mitigation systems. RadonAway can help homeowners find qualified radon professionals through an online referral service:

Source: Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc.