Education Ecosystem to Integrate LEDU NFT Reward System for LEDU Holders

Education Ecosystem has announced it will be rewarding its viewers, LEDU holders, project creators, and other participants with LEDU NFT for various activities on its peer-to-peer learning platform.


Education Ecosystem is excited to announce it will be integrating a LEDU NFT reward system to incentivize LEDU holders, viewers, project creators, and other participants. The project, however, is not replacing LEDU with LEDU NFT; instead, the LEDU NFT will add additional utility and use case to the LEDU coin. Currently, people seem crazy about NFT; some buy or sell it as a marketing stunt without a real use case. Launching the LEDU NFT reward system will be a forerunner to other NFT use cases, including education.

Education Ecosystem believes that integrating the NFT incentive system in poten0tial projects to reward users will lead to mass adoption. After voting, the LEDU token community believes incentivizing LEDU users with LEDU NFT will lead to the mass adoption of NFT and display the immutability and non-fungibility of the blockchain and online learning. According to the CEO, Education Ecosystem is rolling out a series of LEDU NFT reward systems to encourage learning and innovation between existing and new developers, project creators, and learners.

A LEDU NFT reward system will be a welcome development to the Education Ecosystem community and LEDU holders because it will go a long way to affect the value and utility to the ecosystem and LEDU.

The project is introducing four ways to incentivize LEDU holders, viewers, project creators, and other Education Ecosystem participants with LEDU NFT as follows; 

1. Distribution of LEDU NFT to All LEDU Holders.

When launched, Education ecosystem users holding LEDU on their wallets will receive a one-time LEDU NFT reward.

2. LEDU NFT As "Performance Reward for Creators." 

The ecosystem will reward creators with a certain amount of LEDU NFT for creating up to 5 projects in a month. Creators who choose and create more projects from the varieties of project-based courses will earn LEDU NFT rewards. To earn LEDU NFT, creators can start by becoming project creators

3. LEDU NFT Rewards for Viewers. 

The platform has millions of viewers and creators who view and create project-based solutions on the network. This class of LEDU NFT reward is for Education Ecosystem viewers outside of the platform, such as those viewing on This way, Education Ecosystem community members outside the platform can earn LEDU NFT for watching, suggesting, and actively participating on other Education Ecosystem channels.

4. LEDU NFT Staking Rewards; 

LEDU holders who choose to stake LEDU will earn LEDU NFT. Instead of paying staking rewards in LEDU, they are paid in LEDU NFT.

LEDU NFT will be listed and traded on NFT Marketplaces such as OpenSea, NFTmall, SuperRare, Rarible, and etcetera. LEDU NFT owners may choose to resell or exchange them on secondary marketplaces as needed. 

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