Education Ecosystem Launches New Web App and Product Offerings

Decentralized learning platform adds new B2B and B2E focused products for tech companies

​Education Ecosystem has announced the release of the alpha version of their new product - a decentralized project-based learning platform for developing career skills in future technologies. Along with the release of the new web app, the company has introduced two new B2B and B2E focus areas to help companies increase the exposure and understanding of their technical products and train their employees in specific areas.

The new web app has a cleaner design, improved functionality, and new content focused on the company's mission of building the world's biggest project-based learning library on emerging technologies. Viewers learn on the platform by watching their peers build real products. This allows them to develop the practical skills needed in their careers. The new web app will also incorporate the native currency of the ecosystem, LEDU coins, which will be used for incentives and rewards.

Education Ecosystem also plans to ramp up their B2B and B2E offerings in 2019. The company will provide product evangelism as a service for companies. Per their website, “we will tell your target audience about your technical products and teach them with practical video projects how to build real applications on top of your platform.” This type of service is especially appealing for blockchain projects seeking to increase exposure and understanding of their products. Also, Education Ecosystem can help train employees using custom video tutorials. A company simply needs to let them know which specific skill set they would like their employees to learn and Education Ecosystem can use project creators to create custom curricula where employees learn hands-on skills. Finally, they will also offer custom video tutorials for school students so that they can start learning about some of these emerging technologies and gain an advantage.

The ultimate goal of the company is to create a project-based learning platform which helps people to earn more money in their careers. The new web app is available at

About Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem for learning about technologies and trying them out using tons of free practical project examples. A platform where developers can go to learn about tech products companies are offering, and try them out with free hands-on projects. We cover the topics cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, data science, programming, cybersecurity and game development. We automate online developer relations and product evangelism for companies. Read more about LEDU coins on our project page and ask any questions you might have in our Telegram group chat.

Source: Education Ecosystem

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