EDM Sessions and Music Alliance Forge a Groundbreaking Partnership in the Electronic Music World

EDM Sessions and Music Alliance Partnership

EDM Sessions today announced a groundbreaking partnership with the pioneering electronic music community and education company The Music Alliance. This partnership provides new opportunities to EDM Sessions’ audience while also extending the reach of all members of the Music Alliance. Together, both will be able to provide custom, immersive, online learning experiences to their combined network.

This strategic partnership provides a dynamic way to support the EDM community. Through collaboration on leading-edge industry information, discovery and promotion of budding artists, and custom online learning opportunities; this effort will meet the needs of new artists and producers as well the seasoned EDM professional.

EDM Sessions is a lifestyle brand catering to the electronic music community at large. At its core, it is a global Internet Radio Station that came online Jan. 1, 2011. As a pioneer in bringing live personalities to an internet-only broadcast format, EDM Sessions continues that effort with the upcoming opening of its Las Vegas broadcast studios where live, on-air personalities will continue to push their mission of education, discovery, promotion of up and coming electronic music artists. In addition, EDM Sessions currently hosts some of the top mix shows, presented by the world’s most iconic DJ’s.

Music Alliance is a world-class professional music career development Academy located in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. They are a powerhouse alliance of top Music industry professionals, performers and producers, headed by seasoned career development and education experts. Their successful programs are proven over many years and are thoroughly vetted by music industry experts.

To kick off this new partnership, EDM Sessions and The Music Alliance have launched a scholarship program for the MAA’s online course Music Management and Marketing. This scholarship program will give those in the EDM community an opportunity to further their careers.

Additionally, the partnership will develop a brand new weekly radio show hosted by The Music Alliance. The show will be formatted, not only to give insider views into the world of Electronic Music but also to spotlight upcoming producers and honorary members. This will provide an unprecedented reach for the EDM community.

“I am absolutely ecstatic about our new strategic partnership with the Music Alliance. Their entire team is made up of top-notch professionals, from various disciplines in the music industry. Even more so, I am very excited about the opportunity this provides for even more amazing talent in the electronic music space to become better educated so they have an even stronger chance at discovery and success. I couldn’t be happier to be involved in an effort that continues the influx of new, amazing artists, as well as celebrating honorary members and the veterans of our industry.” – Marty True, Founder/CEO EDM Sessions

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