Eddie Bright Jr. Named 2024 DE&I Influencer as Global CEO of ApTask Global Workforce Solutions

Bright Driven to Create Inclusive Environments Where All Individuals Feel Valued, Respected and Empowered

Eddie Bright Jr.

ApTask Global Workforce Solutions, a certified African American- and veteran-owned staffing and professional development firm, is proud to announce that its Global CEO, Eddie Bright Jr., has been named a 2024 DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Influencer.

Bright, who rejoined ApTask as majority owner and global CEO in 2023 after serving as president and global CEO of HCM Staffing and Consulting Group, is a passionate advocate for cultivating diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments.

"Truly inclusive companies are 21-42% more profitable, and that's a fact," said Bright. "I'm driven by the understanding that diversity isn't just the right thing to do, but it's also beneficial for business. Within each of us lies a unique talent or skill that sets us apart, and it's our job to identify, foster and nurture that talent to achieve greatness."

Under Bright's leadership, ApTask has launched several notable initiatives, including the Veteran Hub Program, a resource center aiding active-duty personnel and retired veterans' transition to civilian life. The company has also established a partnership with West Side High School, developing 12 high school students and equipping them with workforce-ready skills. Ten of those students have since graduated and joined ApTask as full-time recruiters, forming their own internal recruiting company, GenZ Recruiting, a division of ApTask Global.

Additionally, Bright hired an executive to promote workplace accessibility and belonging, focusing on hiring practices for those with seen and unseen disabilities.

"Eddie Bright Jr. is a true DE&I champion, driven to create an environment where every individual feels valued, respected and empowered," said Taj Haslani, Founder of ApTask Group of Companies. "We are honored to have him leading our global team and shaping the future of our industry."

For more information about ApTask Global Workforce Solutions and its leadership team, please visit https://www.aptask.com.

About ApTask Global Workforce Solutions

ApTask Global Workforce Solutions is a certified African American- and veteran-owned staffing and professional development firm dedicated to delivering innovative workforce solutions. Headquartered in Iselin, NJ, ApTask has a global footprint with offices across the United States and internationally. For more information, please visit https://www.aptask.com.

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About ApTask

ApTask Global is an African American/Certified NMSDC, Veteran Certified, Global Staffing Supplier and provider of some of the industry's best ESG, DEIA&B, and Workforce Solutions. ApTask diversity recruitment efforts involve actively seeking candidates with a wide range of skills, experiences, and perspectives. Companies benefit from a diverse workforce, fostering innovation and inclusivity. ApTask partners with clients to implement inclusive hiring practices, create an inclusive workplace culture, and provide equal opportunities for all candidates, promoting diversity and equality.

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