Ed Harrold Partners With the Goldie Hawn Foundation, MindUP

To Deliver Breathwork Tools and Strategies For Educators and Parents

Goldie Hawn & Ed Harrold Webinar Replay & Microsoft Education

Author, Breath Educator, Health and Performance Coach & Speaker Ed Harrold announces a new partnership with MindUP. Ed brings over 20+ years of experience in successfully developing and implementing therapeutic breathwork programs into corporate, healthcare, fitness and athletic industries. For the past 17 years, MindUP has been helping children develop the mental fitness necessary to thrive in school and throughout their lives. This collaborative partnership will bring valuable breathwork tools to educators and parents.

In today’s fast-paced environment, the relationship with proper breathing has been lost. Most people can be categorized as shallow breathers or mouth breathers. Both styles have led to dysfunctional breathing which trains our brain and autonomic nervous system to live in a perceived life-threatening response: the stress response. This chronic state of hypervigilance is a contributing factor to a myriad of physical, mental and emotional health issues. It’s more important now than ever to learn the art, science and application of therapeutic breath control. 

Goldie Hawn and Ed Harrold launched the partnership on August 20 with a live one-hour global webinar hosted by Microsoft Education called “The Power of Breath for Stress Reduction and Well-Being.” It can be viewed online through Microsoft

“This relationship with MindUP may be one of the most important partnerships our organization has enjoyed to date. Educators and parents are on the front lines shaping the mindsets of our youth. And not just their mindsets, but how their brains learn to adapt to an ever-changing world,” states Ed Harrold. 

MindUP recently teamed up with Six Red Marbles to bring the MindUP program online, giving access to an even greater number of educators and parents globally.  The platform will include online training and exclusive content featuring videos, experiential activities and resources. “We are thrilled to partner with renowned breathing expert, Coach Ed.  Through this partnership, we will host a series of educational and experiential videos focused on therapeutic breathwork on our new platform giving access to educators, parents and community to support self-care, stress reduction and improve overall well-being,” says Carrie Patterson, Managing Director, MindUP. 

In addition to developing curriculum for the MindUP platform, Ed launched Breath AS Medicine to further inform educators on the art, science and application of breath. This four-week live webinar debuts on Oct. 12, 2020. This training may be new to educators, but it’s been supporting the healthcare and health and wellness industries for over 10+ years. Ed is excited to bring this national hybrid training to educators. “As schools dive deeper into mindfulness-based strategies to improve the education model, it’s only natural we learn more about the foundation of mindfulness which is breath.”

About MindUP

MindUP is the signature program of The Goldie Hawn Foundation, a not-for-profit organization created in response to the global epidemic of childhood aggression, anxiety, depression, and suicide. For more information, visit www.mindup.org.

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