Econscience, Inc. Releases Market's Longest-Lasting Paper Straw

American-made Great Lakes paper straws built to last up to 12 hours

Econscience, Inc., an American manufacturer of high-quality paperboard alternatives to single- and multi-use plastic products, has begun shipping the Great Lakes Straw: a 100-percent paper drinking straw made entirely with domestic materials and labor that lasts the length of a day in one or multiple beverages. Straws will be available for purchase through select distribution within the U.S. and abroad.

With plastic straws being phased out in major U.S. cities and single-use alternatives largely limited to low-performing paper offerings made overseas, the Great Lakes straw addresses the growing need for a durable alternative. "People want to shift away from single-use plastic straws," says Econscience President and CEO Jonathan Dudlak, "but with so many sub-par paper straws on the market, they're bound to have a bad experience that makes embracing that change difficult. We wanted to make a product that performs as much like the plastic option as possible, just out of compostable paper."

With almost three decades of experience in spiral-wound paper products prior to forming Econscience (pronounced like "conscience" preceded with an "e"), the ownership employed a mix of proprietary equipment and domestic materials to develop a straw that will last all day under normal use. "You may not need your straw to hold up the full 12-24 hours we've seen these show in testing," Dudlak says, "But the point is you won't have to worry about it coming apart in the drink that's on your desk at work all morning, with you in the car throughout the day, or getting refilled repeatedly when dining out. Having to change out your straw under any of these circumstances because it becomes too soggy to use is contrary to the whole mission of waste reduction."

Econscience says the Great Lakes brand is a nod to the best natural resource its home city of Chicago has to offer. "The oceans are getting a lot of attention as part of this movement against plastic straws," Dudlak says. "But we wanted to keep the focus local and remind our home region that we have resources in jeopardy right here, and an obligation to protect them." He says supporting this effort is a key part of the Great Lakes Straw brand: "We're donating 2 percent of all proceeds from sales of Great Lakes straws to local and national nonprofit groups that are aligned in this mission." 

Popular sizes of straws will be available in white and black from stock but custom orders can be printed with food-grade inks in virtually any design. For more information, visit Media inquiries: please contact

Source: Econscience, Inc.

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