Econscience, Inc. Develops Threaded Paper Dispenser Tube for Lip and Skin Treatments

RevolutionTM Tube Replaces Plastic with 100% Paper, Twist-Up Alternative

Econscience, Inc., an American manufacturer of high-quality paperboard alternatives to plastic disposables and packaging products, has developed the first and only turn-to-dispense tube made from 100% paper. The RevolutionTM package uses a patent-pending, paper-based thread design for a user-friendly alternative to plastics and unwieldy paper push-up tubes. The packaging is available in plain or custom-printed variants as an eco-friendly way to dispense lip balm, lipstick, deodorant, solid perfume, skin treatments and any other solid cosmetic or personal-care product.  

Plastic is quickly falling out of favor as a viable packaging solution for the long-term health of the planet. For many products that don’t explicitly require a plastic container, like oil-based solids and products with low moisture contents, paper is an ideal solution. “In the cosmetics and personal-care space,” says Econscience President and CEO Jonathan Dudlak, "existing options for these types of products are plastic hybrids or clumsy and functionally inconsistent in paper. Push-up dispensers don’t offer a means to retract the product after it’s extended, they require the user to have a finger or implement slender enough to fit inside the tube to operate it, and the execution varies greatly by manufacturer. We set out to remedy all of those drawbacks when we designed the RevolutionTM tube.”

The tube uses a proprietary paper that is strongly resistant to infiltration by oils and waxes, so it can be filled hot and perform without staining or leaking until well after the product is fully consumed. Afterward, since there is no plastic—no liners, no coatings, no internal components—whatsoever, the RevolutionTM breaks down quickly in most natural environments. “We’re aiming to have commercial and backyard composting certification on this product, as well, by the fall,” Dudlak explains, “and it’s an important part of our mission to make sure that there’s nothing harmful to the environment in this design and that it’s made here in the USA. People often don’t realize that most printed paper tube packaging produced overseas has a lamination of plastic on it to improve aesthetics, which is totally counter-productive when the aim is to eliminate plastic in packaging.”

Standard sizes of RevolutionTM tubes will be available from stock in white or natural/kraft finishes. Custom-printed designs using a variety of decorative technologies and bespoke sizes can be made to order from customer specifications.

ABOUT ECONSCIENCE: Econscience, Inc. produces specialty paper tubes and products for cosmetics, personal-care, gourmet food and specialty industrial clients committed to moving away from plastic packaging. In 2019 Econscience also released the Great Lakes Straw line of paper straw products for the foodservice and restaurant industry demands for plastic straw alternatives. For more information, see 


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