EcoClear Products Works With Melrose Housing Authority to Help Keep Housing Clean

EcoClear's odor-eliminator product lines will help improve quality of life and keep homes clean.

EcoClear Products, a leading manufacturer of safe, eco-friendly cleaning products and pesticides, announces it is now working with Melrose Housing Authority (MHA) to provide the housing complexes with its line of OdorOut products, including ProBio® OdorOut®, SmokeOut® RTU spray, and SmokeOut® Cannabis RTU spray.

MHA provides public housing, rental assistance and residential services to more than 550 households in Melrose, Mass., and strives to ensure that the daily needs of their residents' properties are met. By working with EcoClear, MHA hopes to further this goal and provide its residents with an increased quality of life.

EcoClear Products' line of odor eliminators will be used to help keep units smelling fresh by removing all nitrogen-based odors from everyday living, as well as odors from cigarette and cannabis smoke. This product line addresses a variety of odor-removal cases, including:

  • ProBio® OdorOut® - Targets and eliminates all nitrogen-based odors. While other products mask the scent, ProBio® OdorOut® destroys it through a patented process called spontaneous oxidation-reduction that eliminates odor molecules on contact.
  • SmokeOut® Cannabis RTU spray - Uses proprietary vapor phase technology to chemically alter and neutralize odor molecules from cannabis, eliminating odors at the source, either in the air or on fabrics and other porous surfaces.
  • SmokeOut™ - Destroys smoke smells at the source, both in the air and on porous surfaces, like fabrics, by chemically altering and neutralizing odors.

"Our products will be used to improve the quality of life for residents who may be encountering difficulties with odor removal because cleansers and manual cleaning can be expensive or be physically taxing," said Christopher Stidd, founder and CEO of EcoClear Products. "This new relationship with Melrose Housing Authority opens the door for us to potentially work with other housing authorities across the country to address similar issues."

"Our residents and their homes are the foundation of our community, and EcoClear Products is helping us to offer them the support they need and deserve," said Patrick Walsh, director of maintenance for Melrose Housing Authority.

EcoClear Products uses patented, proprietary compounds and processes that have won Presidential Awards for "green" chemistry. Chemists on the EcoClear Products team are passionate about creating innovative solutions as the company continues to expand its offerings of green cleaning and odor-neutralizing products for homes and businesses. 

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