EcoClean Austin: Leading the Way in Sustainable Business Practices With Innovative Electric Vehicle Fleet

Recently featured by Ford Motor Company for its commitment to sustainability


EcoClean Austin, a small, Austin-based green dry cleaner, is leading the way in sustainable business practices. As their name suggests, the company is dedicated to protecting the environment and has made it their mission to become the most sustainable dry cleaning business in the country.

To reach this goal, EcoClean is taking a holistic approach, implementing small changes such as recycling hangers and using reusable plastic bags to cover clothes. But what sets them apart is their use of cutting-edge technology to go electric. The company has added two Ford E-Transit electric vans to their fleet which they are using for customer deliveries. Not only do these vans reduce their carbon footprint, but they also allow the company to make fewer trips to the store, which are often done in gas-powered vehicles.

EcoClean is also working with Ford Pro Charging to convert their infrastructure and support their EV operations down the line. This technology is usually only available for large businesses, but Ford Pro's scale is making it accessible for smaller businesses like EcoClean as well.

"We are thrilled to be working with Ford Pro to incorporate electric vehicles into our operations," said the CEO of EcoClean. "Not only does this align with our mission to become the most sustainable dry cleaning business in the country, but it also allows us to improve our bottom line. We are excited to see what the future holds for EcoClean and our commitment to sustainability."

EcoClean Austin is a shining example of how small businesses can lead the way in sustainable business practices and thanks to Ford Pro's technology, they are able to do so in an efficient and cost-effective way. They are committed to their mission of becoming the most sustainable dry cleaning business in the country, and their use of electric vehicles is a huge step in the right direction.

Source: EcoClean