ECO V2 by Pangeanic: Deep Adaptive Machine Translation Document Translator and Anonymization Solution

Pangeanic has upgraded its NLP ECO Platform to version 2, now featuring multilingual anonymization services in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. Deep Adaptive Machine Translation imitates users' terminology and style in minutes or on-the-fly creating near-human parity translation engines. The anonymization service can be used independently or together with its document translator and private translation API.

Redaction Tool - Anonymization with Pangeanics Maker

Operations for instant API machine translation and document processing began in early 2019, when the platform also merged Pangeanic's translation API. ECO v2 upgrade includes Deep Adaptive Machine Translation - the next generation of AI adaptive systems which is proving to close the gap with human parity language. Deep Adaptive captured academic attention after the publication of "A User Study of the Incremental Learning in NMT" in 2020. The commercial version was introduced to the language community at a GALA Global Webinar in January 2021. Users can easily customize clone engines using Pangeanic's massive parallel resources (10Bn segments in 84 languages). Specialist MT engines can be in production in minutes or online as users provide feedback. 

ECO features a modern, minimalistic UI as well as Deep Adaptive AI capabilities, ISO27001 Information Security policies and cloud-based data security. Deeply adapted engines offer near-human parity translations with enterprise-grade security. Servers are located in Europe, the US and Japan to serve MT and anonymization services. Documents can be batched for API document translation or through a drag-and-drop panel. Large users include the International Boundary Water Commission (IBWC), Spanish Tax Office, news agency EFE, or infrastructure giants like FCC. 

ECO creates an NLP ecosystem where clients can pick and choose a language process or integrate them all. With enterprise customers in mind, we are looking forward to linking to platforms requiring Deep Adaptive Machine Translation and anonymization services. ECO is the result of years of R&D at Pangeanic. Our AI processes help increase productivity, gain insights, reduce costs, and simplify content management, always complying with increasingly relevant privacy laws. - Manuel Herranz, CEO.

Designed for enterprise users, legal firms, content producers and language professionals in mind, ECO by Pangeanic provides simplicity for its worldwide clients, reducing admin costs with simple monthly subscription packages.

  • Easily configurable bulk/batch document translation via Pangeanic's powerful Translation API.
  • Drag-and-drop documents for instant translation or copy+paste text in a private translation panel.
  • Full document translations and anonymization preserve original formatting.
  • Terminology management.
  • Distributed cloud-based infrastructure in 3 jurisdictions with enterprise-grade security.
  • Easy-to-understand subscription models for MT and anonymization with transparent and scalable monthly pricing plans.

"Our approach to AI also meets the high standards of security and privacy for our clients. ISO27001 Information Security philosophy permeates all our interactions. Our anonymization tool Masker solves GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA and many privacy-keeping laws. It helps organizations share information in the most secure way and comply with privacy laws," stated Amando Estela, CTO. 

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Source: Pangeanic