CSA Research Ranks Pangeanic 24th on Its List of Fastest-Growing Companies in the Industry

The language technology and translation services company Pangeanic is once again among the top LSPs with the strongest growth worldwide.

Pangeanic - CSA Research ranking

Pangeanic is a natural language processing company specializing in anonymization software, near-human quality private machine translation, automatic data classification, relevance and sentiment analysis, and summarization. As every year, CSA Research, the independent market research firm that studies the growth and development of companies in the language and technology industry, has released its annual rankings, positioning Pangeanic among the top 30.

Pangeanic continues to grow, as proven by its 2019-2021 results

Pangeanic has been working on researching and developing technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of translation services, among others. This year, CSA Research ranked Pangeanic 24th on its list of language technology and service (langtech) companies with the strongest worldwide growth between 2019 and 2021. Pangeanic climbed to this position with an impressive average growth of 35.72% over the period in question.

CSA Research study is carried out through global surveys of 450 industry participants. For the past nine years, it has included rankings of the fastest-growing companies in the langtech industry.

The key to Pangeanic's success

Pangeanic's international expansion has not gone unnoticed. The company has grown in human, technological and commercial factors thanks to its extensive experience in the industry and its capacity for innovation and adaptation to new trends and market needs. This has led the team to increase efforts and investments in the development of artificial intelligence applications. The spotlight for Pangeanic is on Natural Language Processing, the branch of AI that focuses on teaching machines how human language works.

The creation of the ECO platform has played a key role in meeting client needs for services such as machine translation, anonymization, data classification, sentiment analysis, etc. Clients can use the tool to translate documents and extract deep knowledge from texts with no language barriers.

Pangeanic's next steps and future strategy

Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic's CEO, states: "In this ranking of the 30 fastest-growing companies in the period of 2019 to 2021, Pangeanic is in 24th place. The company is working on achieving further growth over the next few years, reaching double digits for the first time in 2022 (which would mean growth of more than 80% in 2022). Every year, Pangeanic participates in conferences, congresses, fairs, etc., allowing the team to keep up to date with growth and change in the industry, as well as the different applications of AI and language technologies. This motivates Pangeanic to keep developing and researching in order to provide the best linguistic solutions to suit client needs."

The company is proud to continue growing, putting all its efforts and investment into innovation and development to enable users and individuals to break down the language and communication barriers they may still encounter today.

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Source: Pangeanic