EasyAcc PB10000CF: An Update Better Than Windows 10

People troubled by inconveniences brought by Windows 10 may feel a bit down. But don't worry, the new PB10000CF will save you from disappointment of imperfect upgrade.

​​Microsoft Corporation released windows 10 late July and spread the whole world like a whirlwind. People love this new technology and windows 10 do improve a lot based on the windows 8. However, nothing is perfect. People gradually find there are some defects in this new PC system such as activation issues, chrome problems, folder fail and connectivity complaints. But there is an exception of imperfect update: EasyAcc 2nd generation 10000 mAh power bank – PB10000CF, which makes a wonderful upgrade based on its predecessor.

General design

As the capacity of 10000CF is up to 10000 mAh, its 0.58 thickness is 7.5% thinner than its predecessor 10000C and 10% thinner than most of power banks with the same capacity in the market. Besides, the 8 ounces weight makes 10000CF 5.8% lighter than other power banks. Instead of a total square design, this new power bank adopts a round edge which enables user to hold it tighter and more comfortable. What’s more, as for the outer shell, we apply fine grinding which provides more exquisite and smoother touch, and mold printing which is better in texture to replace the screen printing on 10000C. Six different color combinations are personally designed to meet different needs of people. School students may prefer energetic white-green while black-gray is more suitable for office clerks due to the classic design.

Smart technology

The most important breakthrough EasyAcc made in this new power bank is the Smart technology which gives three special features to 10000CF. First and foremost, 10000CF can automatically identify the input of devices connected and thus output the most appropriate current so that the devices being charged will not be damaged by overcurrent or other charging problems. In addition, 10000CF is able to charge all the devices as efficient as their original chargers due to the smart technology. Last but not least, this unique technology enables the power bank to be compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets in the market and it can even charge new MacBook.


Except for the total capacity, 10000CF’s performance in other aspects also plays a leading role compared with other power banks. For example, the converse rate of 10000CF is up to 93%, which makes maximum use of power stored in the power bank. It takes only 1.88 hours to fully charge an iPhone 6 and 2.36 hours to fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S6. The maximum output of the 2 ports are both 2.4 amps which is 14.3% higher than 10000C and the 2A maximum input is 33% faster than its predecessor’s 1.5A. This improvement makes 10000CF possible to be fully charged within 6 hours while its predecessor needs more than 7.5 hours.

To sum up, PB10000CF is a perfect all-around upgrade in general design, technology applied or charging performance. However, the price of it is decreased to $16.29 (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XTXY0JW). So don’t hesitate anymore! If you are troubled by the update of windows 10, try PB10000CF this time. It will never disappoint you.

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