Easily Assign Applications to Remote Users With TSplus Remote Desktop Service

TSplus Remote Desktop and Application Delivery offers an ultimate choice for businesses to scale up resources and increase productivity levels. With TSplus, employees can access their desktop or applications from anywhere, any device, at any time. The last 10.50 release introduces a nice new way to publish remote applications on the client side: the "RemoteApp On client" feature.

TSplus Video Tutorial 2: How to Assign Applications

The flexibility of working from a remote desktop increases productivity while saving expenses on infrastructure. By allowing multiple applications to run on a single machine, they become device-independent and the communication of data between heterogeneous networks becomes possible.

TSplus is the best alternative to Citrix for Remote Desktop and Application publishing. Easy to install and to use, it can provide users with access to their applications in two different ways; with a Generated Client or from inside any chosen Web Browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.).

With a powerful and intuitive RDP server such as TSplus Web Mobile, Windows-based applications can be deployed in a snap and accessed with any mobile device connected to the internet.

Moreover, TSplus features three display modes for the Generated Client: the Remote client, the RemoteApp client, and the Seamless client. The Web Client offers also two options: the HTML5 or the RemoteApp.

Assign Applications and Control Users Access From a Central Tool

TSplus Application Delivery facilitates the centralized management of software apps. From a single AdminTool, the Administrator is able to monitor and manage all applications intuitively.

He can easily create new user accounts with personalized login information and passwords.

The TSplus AdminTool makes it easy to manage, add and remove the published applications among other settings such as renaming the App. It is even possible to add a command line action to set any extra parameters wished. The Application publishing with TSplus provides a wide range of display options: it can be launched minimized, maximized, assigned to all users, one by one or only to some group of users. The AdminTool also includes a "test" feature to be sure that application is correctly published before assigning it.

TSplus 10.50 release introduces a new "Open On Client" option that runs with the RemoteApp feature. This amazing functionality allows the client who opens a remote session with a generated client to see a list of its assigned applications on the START menu or with a STRAY icon. As such, the user can start any of its applications with just one click; even when offline!

Check the documentation and the new tutorial video on the TSplus website.

By choosing a powerful Remote Access system like TSplus, administrators can easily create virtual environments per user and manage application delivery in a simple and effective way.

With several years of a proven track record and thousands of satisfied clients, TSplus offers the right solution for your visualization and application delivery needs. Moreover, this TSplus system is affordable and easy-to-use.

Download a free trial of TSplus (https://www.terminalserviceplus.com/download.php) to deliver remote desktops and applications from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource-based load balancing and complete end-to-end network transparency for administrators.

About TSplus Software:

TSplus International worked over a decade to build the best Citrix alternative and its team is at the top of its game. TSplus has developed worldwide class solutions to web-enable any Windows application. TSplus offers the most advanced solutions for Cloud Computing, Web Portal, and Application Publishing services. Their global solutions range from multinational to SMBs. From HR to Finance or IT, see how quickly you can web-enable your Windows apps for collaborating, connecting, and increasing productivity. For additional information, visit http://terminalserviceplus.com or send an email to floriane.mer@terminalserviceplus.com.

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