E Woman Shines Light on Harmful Mental Health Effects of Social Media

The online women's support group counters self-image issues by providing a space for young women to be themselves without judgment.

Research has shown that social media negatively affects young people in profound ways yet to be fully understood. E Woman is a different, more authentic kind of social network. Founded by Amy Karaman, E Woman is a judgment-free platform that connects women around the globe to address the rise in mental health issues among young women that stem in part from online pressures.

"Having a teen daughter and seeing her and her friends idolize others on social media creates an unrealistic, picture-perfect world," said Karaman. "And that leads to insecurity, to sadness, thinking that they are not good enough. Young women are closely connected with today's technology, and as a mother, I saw first-hand how social media usage negatively impacted her everyday life."

Studies find social media can hurt young people in many ways - from increased eating disorder risk to higher levels of depression, lower self-esteem, and appearance anxiety. According to a Dutch survey, social media usage in young women even contributed to the increased desire for cosmetic surgery. Research has similarly discovered that decreased social media use leads to happier adolescents; in a University of Pennsylvania study, as teens spent less time online, they saw increases in overall happiness and satisfaction and decreased loneliness and depression. 

However, Karaman found it was difficult to find an online social community offering women self-care, sparking the idea for E Woman. "E Woman was created for women to be themselves without a speck of judgment," Karaman said. "It's a safe and encouraging place where women can share openly, support without shame, and celebrate life's triumphs."

E Woman offers a powerful space outside of social media, creating a resource filled with insightful female perspectives without the inauthenticity of social media. In celebration of International Women's Month, E Woman users can connect in the online women's support group, celebrating all different events and stages of life with like-minded members. 

Women across all walks of life - from young, overwhelmed mothers to middle-aged women going through a tough marital situation to college-aged women facing isolated work-from-home environments - can sign up for a free, personal page where they can share thoughts, look for advice, and help others with the option of being anonymous.

Visit https://www.ewoman.world/ to learn more. 

About E Woman

E Woman is a growing social media platform dedicated to every woman who feels alone. Founded by Amy Shakhlo Karaman, an immigrant who escaped an arranged marriage in Uzbekistan and came to America to build her life from the ground up, this online community allows women around the world to discuss similar struggles. E Woman is now available on www.ewoman.world and offers every language. Members can join categorized groups anonymously or with their usernames to share their stories and connect in a judgment-free space. To learn more, visit www.ewoman.world

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