E Woman Helps Women Professionals Support Each Other Against Ageism in the Workplace

The workplace can be a hostile environment for women 55 and up. Often facing discrimination, older women need a safe community to connect and confide in one another.

Women continue to face an uphill battle regarding professional success, especially given the growing prevalence of age discrimination in the workplace. According to a 2022 survey by AARP, nearly two out of three women aged 50 and up say they experience discrimination regularly. E Woman, a social networking platform for women, offers a space for women professionals to connect and support each other against ageism in the workplace. 

Amy Karaman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of E Woman, believes rather than seeing age as a liability, companies need to shift their perspective and see it as an asset. "Companies should take advantage of older employees' experience and knowledge to combat age bias," she said. "Given the right support and conditions, they can thrive while providing mentorship and wisdom to their younger counterparts. We hope to build that same community culture, collaboration and cooperation among women here at E Woman."

Karaman offers some sage advice on how women can take care of their inner and outer beauty as time goes on: (a) focus on mental health and (b) find a community or support system. Karaman says these two things were pivotal to her well-being; for over a decade, Karaman worked in the beauty industry and befriended many women older than herself who had their own knowledge to pass on. The most valuable piece of advice she received: that it's about doing the little things to preserve one's own mental health.

Olivia Haley, the 2008 winner of Miss Senior America and E Woman user, is one of the many women who have shared their personal stories on the platform. Haley says that winning the pageant in 2008 reinforced the idea that it's never too late to discover new talents. "I tell senior women there is no one like them, and their lives are worth celebrating," she said. "Seniors are the foundation of America, and it is upon our experience and resources that the younger generation can build a better society." At 60, Haley earned her real estate license and is a successful real estate agent to this day.

Karaman created the E Woman app to serve as an online women's support group and give women a safe place to share and connect with others who may be going through similar experiences. It also provides forums for different events and stages in a woman's life. Included are support groups for single and working moms, women challenged with finding a better work-life balance, and those coping with loss.

Each group on the app offers women the opportunity to anonymously share their struggles, offer advice and connect with those with similar life experiences. 

E Woman is now available on www.ewoman.world and is offered in several languages. Members can join categorized groups anonymously or with their usernames to share their stories and connect in a judgment-free space.

To learn more, visit www.ewoman.world.

About E Woman
E Woman is a social media platform dedicated to every woman who feels alone. Founded by Amy Shakhlo Karaman, an immigrant who escaped an arranged marriage in Uzbekistan and came to America to build her life from the ground up, this online community allows women around the world to discuss similar struggles. E Woman is now available on www.ewoman.world and offers every language. Members can join categorized groups anonymously or with their usernames to share their stories and connect in a judgment-free space. To learn more, visit www.ewoman.world

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