E.I. Medical Imaging Announces New Distribution Partner in the United Kingdom

E.I. Medical Imaging, a leading manufacturer of portable ultrasound systems for veterinary use, announced today the addition of IMS Euro of Stockport, England, as the newest authorized distributor of E.I. Medical Imaging’s family of products. IMS Euro is an experienced supplier of diagnostic ultrasound systems throughout the United Kingdom, specializing in the veterinary market, and strives to exceed expectations of its customers.

Through E.I. Medical Imaging’ s partnership with IMS Euro, it continues to demonstrate their commitment to expansion throughout the world. “The sign of a thriving business is its continued expansion,” states E.I. Medical Imaging. “The addition of IMS Euro proves our commitment to the vision of Mr. Maloy, our president. One of his visions is to be a leader in the veterinary ultrasound industry in all possible markets. The British market is growing rapidly, and we want to grow with it and offer our products to the end user.”  

"We are extremely excited for the partnership with IMS Euro and their history of a customer-focused approach to selling,"

Charles Maloy, President, E.I. Medical Imaging

IMS Euro is a company with a strong history and presence in the veterinary services industry.

EIMI president Charles Maloy states, “As we have entertained expansion into the United Kingdom, we have been very selective in our choice of a partner for the region. We have confidence in our choice for a distributor in the United Kingdom, and I look forward to their representation of our company there. The U.K. market is a very competitive one and extremely price sensitive. IMS Euro understands the U.K. market and the value of high-quality engineered and manufactured ultrasound systems. Their commitment to providing these types of products to the right segment of the U.K. market makes this partnership a good fit — we both want to be seen as the company that strives to be the best choice for our customers.”

E.I. Medical Imaging is excited to welcome IMS Euro to its trusted network of distributors. “We are extremely excited for the partnership with IMS Euro and their history of a customer-focused approach to selling,” says Maloy.

IMS Euro will be selling and distributing the E.I. Medical Imaging family of portable ultrasound systems and their accessories to the veterinarian market throughout the U.K. The products will include the Ibex® EVO®, Ibex® Pro, and Ibex® Lite. The addition of IMS Euro continues a marked movement by EIMI to continue its rise in the global marketplace.

If you have questions, feel free to contact E.I. Medical Imaging at info@eimedical.com and their website at http://www.eimedical.com. If you want to reach the team at IMS Euro, they can be reached at their main offices in Stockport, or through their website https://imseuro.co.uk/veterinary.

Source: E.I. Medical Imaging

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